How to use Questions and Prepositions?

 English Test Preparation: Questions and Prepositions

Improve your English language skills with this thoughtfully crafted test covering various aspects of questions and prepositions.  Challenge yourself with questions involving “Do,” “Did,” “Does,” “Is,” and “Are,” along with multiple preposition practice problems.


Practice. Questions (Do, Did, Does, Is, Are). Prepositions

What _____ your parents going to do when they retire?

Look _____ that picture. Isn’t it beautiful?

They _____ going _____ a car this year

When _____ your parents first meet?

I _____ going to wash it tonight

Our hotel is fifty meters _____ the sea

What have we got _____ dinner?

We _____ having dinner at the moment

What time _____ Maria usually arrive at school?

_____ you wash it yesterday ?

_____ you have a dinner at this time every evening?

France is bigger ____ England

_____ he playing tennis now?

_____ he play tennis last Sunday?

What is the longest river _____ the world?

Your score is


Questions with Do, Did, Does, Is, and Are

In this section, test your knowledge on forming questions using the given auxiliary verbs – Do, Did, Does, Is, and Are. Check your understanding of the correct usage of these verbs in different tenses and situations.

Question 1: Fill in the blank with the appropriate form of the verb “to be.

  • ” _______ you ready for the challenge?

Question 2: Choose the correct auxiliary verb and complete the question.

  • _______ Jane like her job?

Question 3: Rewrite the given statement as a question.

  • Linda played soccer in high school

Question 4: Identify the error in the question and correct it.

  • Are Peter happy with his new job?


Prepositions are essential elements of the English language, as they assist in linking nouns, pronouns, and phrases with other words in a sentence. In this section, examine your knowledge of common prepositions and their appropriate usage.

Question 5: Fill in the blank with the suitable preposition.

  • She left her keys _______ the kitchen counter

Question 6: Choose the right preposition to complete the sentence.

  • They are going to movies _______ Saturday night

Question 7: Identify the correct prepositional phrase in the given sentence.

  • The cat jumped off the table and hid under the chair

Question 8: Spot the error and correct the preposition in the sentence.

  • Please put the books in beside the bookshelf

Сorrect answers

Answer 1: Are you ready for the challenge?

Answer 2: Does Jane like her job?

Answer 3: Did Linda play soccer in high school?

Answer 4: Is Peter happy with his new job?

Answer 5: She left her keys on the kitchen counter.

Answer 6: They are going to the movies on Saturday night.

Answer 7: under the chair

Answer 8: Please put the books beside the bookshelf.

After completing this comprehensive test on questions and prepositions, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your expertise in the English language. Use this test as a practice tool or share it with your friends who are also English. Remember, the key to mastering any language is consistent practice and dedication. Challenge yourself and break down language barriers with ease.

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