Practice. Discover the Secrets of Conditional Sentences

Missing Words Mystery: A Grammar Adventure with Conditional Sentences

Welcome to our interactive lesson on conditional sentences! In this engaging exercise, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of conditional grammar while exploring a mysterious story. Are you ready to embark on this linguistic adventure?

Read the text. Fill in the blanks (1-9) with the appropriate words to complete the story.

  • Possible words: mysterious, secluded, got, magical, miraculous, worthy, withered, if, wandering

Emily’s fascinating story

Fill in the missing words

Once upon a time, in a (1) village nestled deep within the forest, there lived a wise old man named Professor Albert. He was known for his extraordinary inventions and eccentric personality. Legend had it that he had created a (2) device capable of granting wishes. However, there was a catch: the device would only work if the person who activated it fulfilled a specific condition.

One day, a young explorer named Emily stumbled upon the professor's workshop while (3) through the woods. She was amazed by the peculiar gadgets and gizmos scattered across the room. Curiosity (4) the better of her, and she couldn't resist trying out the mystical device.

As Emily approached the contraption, she noticed a sign that read, "If you truly believe in your dreams, press the big red button and make a wish. But remember, only (5) you have a pure heart will your wish come true."

Hesitant yet hopeful, Emily pressed the button, and a blinding light engulfed the room. When the light finally faded, Emily found herself in a (6) world, full of enchantment and wonder. However, she soon realized that she had been transformed into a cat!

Terrified and bewildered, Emily desperately searched for the professor to reverse the spell. Along her journey, she encountered various peculiar characters who offered their help, but each assistance came with a different condition.

First, she met a wise owl perched on a (7) branch, who said, "If you can answer my riddle correctly, I will grant you the power of speech."

Next, she stumbled upon a mischievous gnome guarding a (8) gate, who challenged her, saying, "If you can solve my puzzle, I will open the gate and guide you to the professor."

Emily's heart raced as she encountered one condition after another. She had to navigate through mazes, decode cryptic messages, and even perform magic tricks to prove her worth. With each challenge, she grew more determined to find the professor and regain her human form.

Finally, after countless obstacles, Emily reached the professor's hidden laboratory. He stood there, smiling mysteriously, and said, "Congratulations, young explorer. You have passed all the tests and proven yourself (9) ."

Overwhelmed with relief, Emily asked the professor to reverse the spell and turn her back into a human. The professor chuckled and said, "My dear, you were never really a cat. It was all part of the test to see if you could embrace uncertainty and face challenges head-on."

As Emily absorbed his words, she realized that the true condition for her wish to come true was not external but internal. She had to believe in herself and overcome her fears. With newfound confidence, Emily left the laboratory, ready to take on any adventure that lay ahead.

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