Present Perfect and Past Simple Grammar: Tests and Rules

Why do you need Present Perfect and Past Simple?

Present Perfect and Past Simple are two key tenses in English grammar that are used to describe past events. But how to use them correctly? Our test will help you understand their differences and understand when to use each of them. These two tenses in English are used to describe past events, but with slightly different nuances.

  • Present Perfect is a time that connects the past and the present moment. It is used to describe actions or events that happened at an unspecified time in the past but have a connection to the present.
  • Past Simple is a tense used to describe specific actions or events that happened in the past and have already been completed. It is used to talk about past events when the exact time is known or emphasized.

Test your knowledge: Present Perfect and Past Simple test!


Practice. Present Perfect and Past Simple

The new couples watched a play _____ Shakespeare _____ their honeymoon

_____ she already bought a new car?

_____ she _____ a new carpet yet?

There’s nobody in the class. All the students have _____ home.

It’s terribly difficult to give _____ smoking

Have you ever _____ a holiday in India? Yes, we have. We _____ there in 2023.

Have your parents come _____?

Yes, they _____ just come

I _____ John yesterday

_____’ve _____ played golf

I _____ been _____ Ireland

Nurses _____ ill people, and gardeners _____ flowers & plants

They’ve _____ on a double-decker bus

Mason _____ his homework 10 minutes ago, but I’ve not finished mine _____.

_____ the TV and _____ the lights. Let’s watch news.

She is only 14 years old, but she _____ many tournaments in her life

He _____ cooking when he _____ 15 years old

Why don’t we turn _____ the T.V. to watch the news

In 1992 I _____ for the Italian President. When he _____ to France

Welcome back. _____ have you been? I’ve _____ to Afghanistan

When I _____ , I’m going to work _____ my dad’s company

_____ Sandra _____ ridden a horse?

First he _____ his jumper, then _____ his best shirt

When I grow _____, I’m going to be a T.V. Star

When _____ the watchman _____ work?

Angela _____ Thai food but Frank _____

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