Phrasal verbs with “Measure” in English

English Phrasal Verbs With 'MEASURE'

How “measure” is used in English

The word “measure” in English can be used as both a noun and a verb. Let’s explore some of its meanings:

  • To measure – to determine the size, volume, weight, or amount of something using an instrument or standard unit. For example: “To measure the length of a table.”
  • Measure – a plan or action taken to achieve a specific goal. For example: “A measure to reduce pollution.”
  • Measure – a certain quantity or degree of something. For example: “A measure of success.”
  • Measure (musical beat) – a segment of a musical piece containing a specific number of beats as determined by the meter. For example: “A four-beat measure.”

Now, let’s look in detail at phrasal verbs with “measure”. They can have different meanings depending on the context.

Phrasal verbs with “measure”

Measure up

Meaning 1: To meet certain standards or expectations.


  • The candidate did not measure up to our expectations.

Meaning 2: To determine or find out the size of something.


  • The architect measured up the building to ensure the plans were accurate.

Meaning 3: To be on a par with someone or something.


  • She always measures up well against her competitors.

Measure out

Meaning 1: To measure a certain quantity of something to be used.


  • She measured out two cups of flour for the recipe.

Meaning 2: To weigh or measure out an exact amount of something.


  • The chemist carefully measured out the ingredients for the experiment.

Measure off

Meaning 1: To determine a certain distance or area by measuring it.


  • The surveyor measured off the area for the new building.

Meaning 2: To measure something and mark the place where it ends or will be cut off.


  • The carpenter measured off the board before cutting it.

Measure up to

Meaning 1: To meet the expectations or standards set by oneself or others.


  • It’s hard to measure up to his high standards.

Meaning 2: To be good enough or worth something.


  • Does this movie measure up to the hype?

Measure against

Meaning: To compare something with certain standards or criteria.


  • The performance of the new product was measured against previous models.

Measure down

Meaning: To not meet expectations or standards, often in a negative context.


  • The quality of the work did not measure down to what we expected.

Measure up against

Meaning: To compare one’s achievements or abilities with others to assess one’s level.


  • When you measure yourself up against your peers, you realize how much you’ve achieved.

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