Phrasal verbs with “rack” in English

Meaning of rack something up in Englis

What you need to know about “Rack” in English

The English language is rich in phrasal verbs, which are an integral part of everyday communication. One such verb is “rack” [ræk]. The word “rack” has multiple meanings in various contexts. In its basic form, “rack” can mean “shelf” or “rack,” but when combined with prepositions and adverbs, it forms phrasal verbs with more complex and interesting meanings. For example, phrases like “rack up” (accumulate), “rack one’s brain” (think hard), and “rack off” (go away) are common among native speakers of English. Let’s delve into popular phrasal verbs with “rack,” their meanings, and examples of usage.

Popular phrasal verbs with “Rack”

Rack up

Meaning 1: To accumulate or gather (points, miles, money, damages, etc.).


  • They racked up a lot of miles on their trip.
  • He racked up a huge debt by gambling.

Meaning 2: To cause damage.


  • The storm racked up quite a bit of damage to the coastline.
  • The car crash racked up the front of his vehicle.

Rack one’s brain

Meaning: To think intensely, to struggle to remember or solve something.


  • I’ve been racking my brain trying to solve this puzzle.
  • She racked her brain to remember where she put her keys.

Rack up debts

Meaning: To accumulate debts.


  • He racked up debts on his credit cards.
  • They racked up huge medical bills after the accident.

Rack with pain

Meaning: To suffer from severe pain.


  • She was racked with pain after the surgery.
  • He was racked with guilt over his actions.

Rack up a score

Meaning: To accumulate points or scores in a game or competition.


  • The team racked up a high score in the final match.
  • She quickly racked up points and won the game.

Rack up wins

Meaning: To accumulate victories.


  • The basketball team racked up several wins in a row.
  • He racked up numerous wins during his career.

Rack out

Meaning: To sleep or take a nap (slang).


  • After the long hike, we racked out as soon as we got home.
  • I’m going to rack out early tonight.

Rack up expenses

Meaning: To accumulate expenses.


  • They racked up significant expenses during their vacation.
  • The project racked up more expenses than expected.

Rack up a bill

Meaning: To accumulate a bill.


  • They racked up a hefty bill at the restaurant.
  • He racked up a huge phone bill with his overseas calls.

Rack with guilt

Meaning: To suffer from guilt.


  • She was racked with guilt after lying to her friend.
  • He felt racked with guilt over the accident.

Rack off

Meaning: Used to tell someone to go away because they are annoying you. This phrase is informal and can be considered rude, so it should be used with caution.


  • Why don’t you just rack off and leave me alone?
  • He told them to rack off when they kept bothering him.

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