Phrasal Verbs with knock in English

Knock [nɒk] – this word is most often used in English as a verb, and can also be used as a noun. Consider the verb knock as a phrasal verb, and examples of the most frequent uses:

  • knock around, about
    • In get to not knock around the closed door
    • Who was that lad you used to knock around with?
    • I spent the weekend just knocking around the house
  • knock down
    • He was knocked down by a car
    • He was knocked down in the second round
    • Workers began knocking down sections of the wall
    • The chair was knocked down from 900 to 600
  • knock off 
    • I quit working at 6:00 last night, but Sean didn’t knock off until 9:30
    • I’m tired of listening to you criticize me. Knock it off!
    • Susie knocked a glass off the table and broke it
    • The artist knocked off a quick sketch and gave it to the waiter
  • knock over
    • The force of the explosion knocked me over
  • knock out
    • The blow knocked her out
    • Ali knocked out his opponent in the fifth round
    • Her beauty knocked out every man in the room
  • knock up
    • I was knocked up by a loud bang on the door
    • She knocked up a meal in ten minutes
  • knock back
    • Some people can knock back eight pints and continue with their life, whereas if I drank eight pints I’d be in hospital.
  • knock over
    • Instead, the player also can knock over the table with his fingers
  • knock together
    • And maybe they could knock together a few ships

The two phrasal verbs knock off and knock up, in addition to other meanings, have the meaning of doing something quickly, hastily (often with a negative connotation).

Phrasal verbs with,“Knock”•Knock about•Knock around•Knock down•Knock up•Knock back•Knock over•Out


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