Phrasal verbs with “gear” in English

gear-to phrasal verb, Phrasal verb: GEAR UP, Top Gear

What does “gear” mean in English?

Studying phrasal verbs is an important component of mastering the English language. An interesting topic for research is the study of phrasal verbs containing the word “gear” [ɡɪə]. “Gear” is a versatile word with many meanings and applications in different contexts. From tools and machinery to sports equipment and gear, “gear” embodies the concept of preparing and utilizing the appropriate tools for a specific activity. As a noun, it refers to equipment, while as a verb, it means to equip.

When hearing the word “gear,” many people might think of “Top Gear.” “Top Gear” is a popular TV show known for specializing in car tests and is a beloved British entertainment program with a automotive theme. It is also recognized for its humorous commentary and esteemed hosts. “Top Gear” has achieved global fame and garnered widespread popularity among automotive enthusiasts and beyond. We recommend watching this program in its original language to enhance your English skills.

Given the word’s worldwide popularity, phrasal verbs with “gear” offer additional opportunities for using the language across diverse contexts. Let’s explore some of them.

TOP-11 phrasal verbs with “gear”

Let’s take a look at the top 11 phrasal verbs with “gear”, along with meaning and examples:

Gear up

  • Meaning: to prepare or get ready for something, typically an important event or competition. Getting ready for a busy period. Готуватися до насиченого періоду.
  • Приклад: “The team is gearing up for the championship match.”

Gear towards

  • Meaning: to direct efforts or resources towards achieving a specific goal. To organize or tailor something for a specific purpose, audience, etc.
  • Example: “The new marketing campaign is geared towards attracting younger consumers.”

Gear down

  • Meaning: to decrease the speed or intensity of something.
  • Example: “After a hectic week, it’s time to gear down and relax during the weekend.”

Gear for

  • Meaning: to prepare or make efforts for an anticipated event or situation.
  • Example: “The company is gearing up for the upcoming product launch.”

Gear into

  • Meaning: to start work or an event with great energy and enthusiasm.
  • Example: “She geared into her new role as team leader with enthusiasm and dedication.”

Gear out

  • Meaning: to select or prepare specialized clothing or equipment for a specific activity.
  • Example: “The hikers geared out for the mountain expedition with proper gear and supplies.”

Gear on

  • Meaning: to continue or start doing something with great energy and determination.
  • Example: “Despite the challenges, the team geared on with the project and achieved success.”

Gear up for

  • Meaning:  to psychologically or physically prepare for the approach of something.
  • Example: “The students geared up for the final exams by intensifying their study efforts.”

Gear back

  • Meaning: to decrease the speed or intensity of a particular activity, usually after a period of intensity.
  • Example: “After the busy holiday season, the company geared back and focused on long-term strategies.”

Gear in

  • Meaning: to join or become involved in something, often with a specific mood or preparation.
  • Example: “The new employee geared in seamlessly with the team and quickly adapted to the work environment.”

Gear to

  • Meaning: to organize or tailor something for a specific purpose, audience, etc. (often passive).
  • Example: “The workshop is geared to beginners, focusing on fundamental skills and concepts in a friendly and approachable manner.”

These phrasal verbs provide additional opportunities to use English in different contexts, helping to expand vocabulary and develop the ability to express thoughts and ideas.

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