Phrasal verbs with “DROP” in English

Drop [drɒp] — often used as a noun or regular verb. Let’s consider examples of the most common phrasal verbs with “drop”:

  • drop around
    • Well, I’ll drop around tomorrow, if I may
  • drop away
    • Your fears will drop away since they’re part of karma
  • drop back
    • You take the snap and you drop back
  • drop behind
    • In leash mode, the drone will drop behind you
  • drop by
    • I figured I’d drop by because I thought…
  • drop in
    • He dropped in for a few minutes to ask if he could borrow your power drill
  • drop off
    • Just as I was dropping off, I heard a noise downstairs
  • drop out
    • He’s very shy, someone should draw him out
    • The train drew out of the station
    • He drew out some money to pay his rent
  • drop over
    • That decline has been major – about a 10 per cent drop over a few months
  • drop round
    • Drop round tomorrow and I’ll see what I can do for you
  • drop through
    • This results in very less pressure drop through the valve
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