Phrasal Verbs With ‘Double’ in English

Phrasal Verbs with Double Meaning

What are the phrasal verbs with “Double” in English?

Learning English can be an exciting journey filled with linguistic nuances and expressions that add depth to your language proficiency. One fascinating aspect of the English language is the use of phrasal verbs, where a verb is combined with one or more particles (usually prepositions or adverbs) to create a unique meaning. Today, let’s delve into the realm of phrasal verbs with the distinctive element of ‘double’ [ˈdʌb.əl].

TOP 15 phrasal verbs with ‘Double’ in English

Let’s look at the 15 most popular phrasal verbs with “double”, as well as their meanings and examples:

  1. Double up
    • Meaning: To share or divide something equally.
    • Example: Let’s double up the responsibilities to finish the project on time.
  2. Double down
    • Meaning: To strengthen one’s commitment or efforts.
    • Example: Instead of giving up, she decided to double down on her studies to improve her grades.
  3. Double over
    • Meaning: To bend forward at the waist, usually due to pain or laughter.
    • Example: The comedian’s jokes were so funny that the audience doubled over in laughter.
  4. Double back
    • Meaning: To go back in the opposite direction.
    • Example: Realizing he forgot his wallet, Tom had to double back to the restaurant.
  5. Double-check
    • Meaning: To review or verify something.
    • Example: Before submitting the report, make sure to double-check all the figures.
  6. Double-cross
    • Meaning: To betray or deceive someone.
    • Example: He felt double-crossed when his business partner stole his idea.
  7. Double up as
    • Meaning: To serve a dual purpose or function.
    • Example: The spare room can double up as a home office.
  8. Double over
    • Meaning: To experience intense pain or discomfort, causing one to bend forward.
    • Example: The hiker doubled over in pain after twisting his ankle.
  9. Double team
    • Meaning: To work together with someone to achieve a common goal.
    • Example: They decided to double team the project to meet the tight deadline.
  10. Double date
    • Meaning: To go on a date with another couple.
    • Example: We’re planning to double date with Jane and Mark this weekend.
  11. Double down on
    • Meaning: To increase one’s commitment or investment in a particular course of action.
    • Example: The company decided to double down on its marketing efforts to boost sales.
  12. Double over with laughter
    • Meaning: To laugh uncontrollably.
    • Example: The comedy show had the audience doubling over with laughter.
  13. Double as
    • Meaning: To have a dual role or function.
    • Example: Her talent allows her to double as both a singer and an actress.
  14. Double up on
    • Meaning: To increase the quantity or intensity of something.
    • Example: To stay warm, they decided to double up on blankets.
  15. Double up on
    • Meaning: To take extra precautions or efforts.
    • Example: With the approaching deadline, it’s time to double up on our efforts to complete the project.

These phrasal verbs can add depth and nuance to your English communication skills, so don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your daily conversations and writing.

Phrasal verbs with ‘double’ bring a unique flavor to the English language, reflecting its dynamic nature. Embrace the beauty of these expressions, incorporate them into your language arsenal, and watch as your English proficiency reaches new heights.

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