Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hit’ in English

Phrasal verbs with 'hit': Learning English

Learning Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hit’

Learning English includes not only the basics of grammar and vocabulary, but also the understanding of phrasal verbs, which give the language a more natural and conversational character. One of the interesting and frequently used groups of phrasal verbs are those that include the word “hit” [hɪt]. Let’s look at some of them and their use in various situations.

TOP 26 phrasal verbs with “hit”

Let’s consider the 26 most popular phrasal verbs with “hit”, as well as their meanings and examples:

1. Hit on (someone)

  • Meaning: To flirt or show romantic interest in someone.
  • Example: He nervously hit on her at the coffee shop.

2. Hit back

  • Meaning: To respond forcefully to criticism or an attack.
  • Example: The team hit back with a strong offensive strategy.

3. Hit the jackpot

  • Meaning: To achieve a great success or win a substantial prize.
  • Example: After years of hard work, she finally hit the jackpot with her business.

4. Hit it off

  • Meaning: To get along well with someone.
  • Example: They met at the party and immediately hit it off.

5. Hit the road

  • Meaning: To start a journey or leave a place.
  • Example: We should hit the road early to avoid traffic.

6. Hit the books

  • Meaning: To study intensely or focus on academic work.
  • Example: I need to hit the books to prepare for the exam.

7. Hit the nail on the head

  • Meaning: To describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.
  • Example: She hit the nail on the head with her analysis of the issue.

8. Hit rock bottom

  • Meaning: To reach the lowest point or level.
  • Example: After losing his job, he felt like he had hit rock bottom.

9. Hit home

  • Meaning: To be fully understood or have a strong emotional impact.
  • Example: The reality of the situation finally hit home when she saw the damage.

10. Hit the ground running

  • Meaning: To start a new activity or project with great energy and enthusiasm.
  • Example: On his first day, he hit the ground running and impressed everyone.

11. Hit the hay

  • Meaning: To go to bed or go to sleep.
  • Example: It’s late; I think I’ll hit the hay.

12. Hit the spot

  • Meaning: To satisfy a need or desire perfectly.
  • Example: That cup of hot chocolate really hit the spot on a cold day.

13. Hit a nerve

  • Meaning: To say something that strongly affects someone emotionally or personally.
  • Example: His comment about her past really hit a nerve.

14. Hit the brakes

  • Meaning: To apply the brakes and slow down or stop a vehicle.
  • Example: The driver had to hit the brakes suddenly to avoid an accident.

15. Hit the fan

  • Meaning: To experience the negative consequences of a situation.
  • Example: When the truth was revealed, everything hit the fan.

16. Hit the gas

  • Meaning: To accelerate or drive faster.
  • Example: If you want to make it on time, hit the gas.

17. Hit the slopes

  • Meaning: To go skiing.
  • Example: During the winter, many people hit the slopes for some outdoor fun.

18. Hit the wall

  • Meaning: To reach a point of exhaustion or difficulty.
  • Example: After running for hours, he hit the wall and had to stop.

19. Hit the deck

  • Meaning: To quickly get down on the ground, usually for safety.
  • Example: When the alarm sounded, everyone hit the deck.

20. Hit the lights

  • Meaning: To turn off the lights.
  • Example: As they left the room, they hit the lights to save energy.

21. Hit for

  • Meaning: Get someone to pay or donate money.
  • Example: They hit the sponsors for a lot of money.

22. Hit it off with

  • Meaning: Like someone from the first time you meet them.
  • Example: I hit it off with her immediately.

22. Hit out at

  • Meaning: Respond angrily to criticism.
  • Example: The government hit out at the media for their negativity.

23. Hit up

  • Meaning: Inject drugs. Ask someone for some money.
  • Example: She’s been hitting up for years.
  • Example: He always tries to hit me up for money when we meet.

24. Hit up on

  • Meaning: Inject drugs.
  • Example: He’s been hitting up on heroin for years.

25. Hit upon

  • Meaning: Have an idea. Try to attract someone sexually.
  • Example: He tried to hit upon her at the pub.

26. Hit with

  • Meaning: Surprise someone with some information or news.
  • Example: He hit me with the details of their demands.

Phrasal verbs with “hit” bring variety and expressiveness to speech. To master the English language, it is important not only to know the words, but also to be able to use them correctly in the appropriate situations. Learning phrasal verbs makes your speech more varied and extra expressive. So, don’t hesitate to include them in your English studies and practice them in everyday communication.

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