Phrasal verbs with “CLOSE” in English

Close [kləʊs] — often used as a regular verb. The word “Close” can be used as an adjective. Let’s consider examples of the most common phrasal verbs with “сlose“:

  • close down
    • The owner is having to close the shop down.
    • This station is now closing down and we wish you all goodnight
  • close in
    • Night closed in
    • The enemy is closing in on the city
    • Days are closing in now that it is September
  • close in on
    • If you close in on Dan, he’ll slip up
  • close in upon
    • As they are about to close in upon us they are met by a volley
  • close off
    • The police have closed off the streets so that the President can drive through the
  • close up
    • If you children closed up a bit, there’d be room for another one on this seat
    • The summer house had been closed up all year
  • сlose something out
    • Look, I would just like to close it out
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