Phrasal Verbs With “Clean”

Phrasal Verbs With “Clean”: Mastering English Expressions

Learning English can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to mastering phrasal verbs. These unique combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs add depth and nuance to the language, making it essential for English learners to familiarize themselves with these expressions. In this article, we will explore a set of phrasal verbs with the word “clean” [kliːn] and understand their meanings and usage to help you enhance your English language skills.

TOP 15 phrasal verbs with “Clean”

  1. Clean up
    • Meaning: To tidy or organize a place by removing clutter or mess.
    • Example: After the party, they cleaned up the house and washed the dishes.
    • Example: The room needs cleaning up.
  2. Clean out
    • Meaning: To empty or remove all the contents from something.
    • Example: I need to clean out my closet and donate old clothes to charity.
    • Example: I hope you’ve cleaned out all those sticky old sweet papers and empty envelopes from your drawer this time.
  3. Clean off
    • Meaning: To remove dirt, dust, or stains from a surface.
    • Example: She cleaned off the whiteboard to prepare it for the next lesson.
    • Example: I cleaned the mud off my shoes
  4. Clean away
    • Meaning: Similar to “clean up,” it refers to removing clutter or mess from a particular area.
    • Example: The janitor cleaned away the leaves from the school’s entrance.
  5. Clean after
    • Meaning: To tidy up or take care of someone’s mess or belongings.
    • Example: As a responsible pet owner, she always cleans after her dog during walks.
  6. Clean down
    • Meaning: To wipe or scrub a surface to make it clean.
    • Example: After cooking, the chef made sure to clean down the kitchen countertops.
  7. Clean on/onto
    • Meaning: To apply cleaning agents or solutions onto a surface.
    • Example: She cleaned on some polish to make her shoes shine.
  8. Clean through
    • Meaning: To clean thoroughly or entirely.
    • Example: Before moving out, they cleaned through the entire apartment.
  9. Clean off/out/up
    • Meaning: To be completely outplayed or defeated in a competition or game.
    • Example: The opposing team cleaned us out in the basketball tournament.
  10. Clean up after
    • Meaning: To tidy up or take care of the aftermath of an event or situation.
    • Example: The volunteers cleaned up after the community picnic.
  11. Clean someone out
    • Meaning: To take all of someone’s money or possessions, often through dishonest means.
    • Example: The thief cleaned out the old man’s savings from his bank account.
  12. Clean something off/out
    • Meaning: To remove unwanted elements or data from a computer or electronic device.
    • Example: Don’t forget to clean off unnecessary files from your computer to free up space.
  13. Clean someone’s clock
    • Meaning: To defeat or beat someone decisively in a competition or fight.
    • Example: The boxing champion cleaned his opponent’s clock in the title match.
  14. Clean bill of health
    • Meaning: A statement or certificate confirming good health or the absence of problems.
    • Example: After a thorough medical examination, the doctor gave her a clean bill of health.
  15. Clean slate
    • Meaning: A fresh start or a situation with no existing problems or issues.
    • Example: Moving to a new city gave him a clean slate to begin his life afresh.

Remember that phrasal verbs are an essential part of everyday English communication. Understanding and incorporating them into your conversations and writing will greatly improve your language fluency. As you encounter new phrasal verbs like those with “clean,” take the time to practice their usage in different contexts. The more you use them, the more natural they will become in your English language repertoire.

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