English personal pronouns

Personal pronoun are pronouns that indicate an object, but do not name it. Personal pronouns include the following words: І, he, she, it, we, you, they etc.

The personal pronouns have two cases

The personal pronouns have two cases: the nominative case and the objective case

  • І
  • he
  • she
  • it
  • we
  • you
  • they 
  • me
  • him
  • her
  • it
  • us
  • you
  • them

The objective case of the pronouns I, he, she, we is expressed by suppletive forms. In colloquial speech me, not I is commonly used as a predicative:

  • Who is there ? – It is me

The pronouns of the third person he, she, it distinguish gender. Male beings (man, father, uncle, boy, etc.) are referred to as he; female beings (woman, mother, aunt, girl, etc.) are referred to as she; inanimate things (house, tree, cap, etc.) are referred to as it).

Forms of personal pronouns

There are three personal pronouns, and each has a singular and a plural form


Use of the pronoun it

The pronoun it is used to indicate things, names of non-beings, animals and plants, as well as the noun baby, situation or thought:

  • I found a box. It was made of wood

The pronoun I is always capitalized. The pronoun you has different meanings – depending on the content

When talking about an unknown person, the pronoun it is also used:

  • Did someone visit you? — It was Jane

It is used when talking about time, distance and weather:

  • It’s five o’clock
  • It’s forty miles from here to London

It is used as a formal subject in impersonal sentences both with an indefinite form of the verb (to-infinitive) and with a subordinate clause that begins with that:

  • It is nice to see you
  • It’s a pity (that) you cannot sing

Examples of personal pronouns

  • I am a doctor
  • I am fond of reading
  • Give me the book, please!
  • This book is about me
  • You are not interested in me
  • We are going to Italy next week
  • This film is about us
  • Let’s go with us!
  • You are my best friend
  • I must tell you something important
  • He is a real professional
  • She works as a secretary
  • It is very nice
  • Do you know him?
  • This book was translated by her 2 years ago
  • Take it!
  • They live next door to the suspect
  • Tell them about that unpleasant incident


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