Future Perfect Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

Future Perfect in English

Future Perfect (Future Perfect Tense) is a tense used to express events that will be completed by a certain point in the future. It allows you to combine the future and the perfection of events. The main form of the future perfect tense consists of the auxiliary verb “will have” and the third form of the verb (V3).


  • By this time next year, I will have graduated from university
  • She will have finished the project before the deadline

Using the Future Perfect

  1. An indication of the completion of an event by a certain point in the future:
    • By the time he arrives, we will have prepared dinner
  2. Expressing the expected completion of an event in the future:
    1. I will have read that book by the end of the week
  3. Indication of the amount of time until the upcoming event:
    • In two hours, she will have finished her presentation

The negative and interrogative forms of the future perfect tense are constructed using the auxiliary verbs “will” and “have“, adding “not” for the negative form and moving the auxiliary verb to the beginning for the interrogative form.

Future Perfect forms

Positive Form: Subject + will have + V3 (third form of the verb)

  • I will have completed my assignment
  • They will have arrived by noon

Negative Form: Subject + will not (won’t) have + V3

  • She will not (won’t) have finished the report
  • We will not (won’t) have seen the movie before it starts

Question Form: Will + subject + have + V3?

  • Will you have completed the task by tomorrow?
  • Will they have arrived on time?

The future perfect tense reflects the understanding of the sequence of events and the completion of certain actions in the future. It allows you to consider future events from the perspective of their completion by a certain point in time.

Test on the topic: Future Perfect

I invite you to take the test on the topic “Future Perfect” and test your knowledge of this time. You will find 20 questions that will help you sharpen your skills in using the future perfect tense in English. You have an unlimited number of attempts and enough time to complete the task. Work at your own pace and make sure you understand Future Perfect!


Future Perfect Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

She _____ her project before the meeting

She _____ her assignment by the time class starts

By the time we arrive, they _____ the party decorations will finish

_____ you finished your homework by the time I arrive?

_____ they prepared the presentation for the conference?

He _____ his book by the time the author visit

By next month, he _____ his exams

They _____ their journey by the time the sun sets

She _____ her novel before the deadline

By next week, they _____ their tasks

He _____ his studies by the time summer starts

She _____ her presentation before the meeting

_____ she written the report before the deadline?

By the time they start the trip, we _____ packing

By 5 PM, they _____ all their assignments

She _____ her degree by the end of the semester.

_____ they finished their project by next week?

They _____ the project by the end of the month.

_____ he obtained his driver's license before the summer?

By tomorrow, she _____ her presentation

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