Learning words about clothes in English and checking yourself

Learning Words about Clothes in English: Useful Information and Tests

Learning and expanding English vocabulary is an important component of successful language acquisition. One area that requires many different words is clothing. Your ability to understand and use appropriate words related to clothing can help you communicate comfortably in English when shopping, describing your style, and many other situations.

Clothing: Learning important words

Below is a table with words about clothes that can be found in different contexts:

shoeʃuːI need a new pair of shoes.
sweaterˈswɛtərShe wears a cozy sweater in winter.
capkæpHe put on his favorite cap before going out.
t-shirtˈtiː.ʃɜːrtHe loves wearing t-shirts with funny designs.
umbrellaʌmˈbrɛləDon’t forget to take your umbrella, it might rain.
scarfskɑːrfShe wrapped a warm scarf around her neck.
bootbuːtHe put on his sturdy boots for the hike.
blazerˈbleɪ.zərShe looked elegant in her navy blazer.
shirtʃɜːrtHe wore a white shirt to the formal event.
jacketˈdʒækɪtShe zipped up her jacket to stay warm.
gloveɡlʌvHe put on his leather gloves before driving.
skirtskɜːrtShe wore a flowy skirt to the party.
jeansdʒinzHe prefers to wear jeans on casual days.
tietaɪHe always wears a stylish tie to work.
trousersˈtraʊzərzShe chose a pair of black trousers for the interview.
blouseblaʊzThe silk blouse looked elegant on her.
slippersˈslɪpərzShe likes to wear comfortable slippers at home.
sockssɑːksHe put on warm socks to keep his feet cozy.
pantspæntsIn some cultures, pants are considered formal attire.
pajamaspəˈdʒæməzShe changed into her pajamas before going to bed.
swimsuitˈswɪmsuːtShe bought a new swimsuit for her vacation.
collarˈkɑːlərHis shirt had a crisp white collar.
cuffkʌfThe cuff of her shirt was adorned with buttons.
pocketˈpɑːkɪtShe found a coin in her jacket pocket.

Test yourself: Test for understanding words about clothes in English

Learning new words is the key to expanding your vocabulary and confident communication in a foreign language. One of the most important topics to study are words related to clothing. They will make it easier for you to talk about fashion, describe your style and even shop in English. Here is a quiz that will test your understanding of words about clothing. Choose the correct answer from the suggested options.


Review exercise - Clothes

______ are light trousers and a shirt that you wear in bed.

______ is a piece of clothing worn on your hand, with separate parts for the thumb and each finger

______ is a piece of clothing that you wear on your foot inside your shoe.

______ is a short coat

______ is a soft hat with a curved part sticking out at the front

______ is something that you wear to cover your feet

______ is a cotton shirt with short sleeves and no collar

______ is a piece of warm woolen clothing for the top half of your body.

______ is a piece of clothing for girls and women that fits around the waist and hangs down like a dress

______ is a shirt for women

______ is a piece of clothing that covers the lower part of your body, with a separate part covering each leg.

______ is a kind of shoe that covers your whole foot and the lower part of your leg, especially worn in winter

______ is the part of a piece of clothing that covers your arm

______ is a piece of material that you wear around your neck, head,  or shoulders, especially when it is cold

______ is a narrow piece of cloth that you wear around your neck  with a skirt

Your score is


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