Weather forecast

Weather Vocabulary in English

Weather forecast for 7 days

Using verbs to describe the weather

It’s hailingThe sun is shining
It’s pouring (The rain is pouring down.)It’s drizzling
It’s snowing (The snow is falling)The wind is blowing
It’s thunderingIt’s raining (The rain is falling.)

Using adjectives to describe the weather

Sweltering = It’s sweltering. or It’s a sweltering dayFreezing = It’s freezing. or It’s a freezing day
Warm = It’s warm. or It’s a warm dayCold = It’s cold. or It’s a cold day
Sunny = It’s sunny. or It’s a sunny dayCloudy = It’s cloudy. or It’s a cloudy day
Clear = It’s clear. or It’s a clear dayStormy = It’s stormy. or It’s a stormy day
Misty = It’s misty. or It’s a misty dayFoggy = It’s foggy. or It’s a foggy day
Breezy = It’s breezy. or It’s a breezy dayWindy = It’s windy. or It’s a windy day
Showery = It’s showery. or It’s a showery dayRainy = It’s rainy. or It’s a rainy day
Frosty = It’s frosty. or It’s a frosty daySnowy = It’s snowy. or It’s a snowy day
Icy = It’s icy. or It’s an icy dayDrizzly = It’s drizzly. or It’s a drizzly day
Dry = It’s dry. or It’s a dry dayWet = It’s wet. or It’s a wet day

Hourly weather forecast for 7 days

Map with weather forecast for 7 days

The weather maps widget offers the most popular maps on a global scale, including wind and cloud and precipitation animations. Choose which maps you want to display by checking the boxes.

In order to watch the weather in English, learn the basic words:

Weather – words in English

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