The Interjection

Interjection – a part of speech in English that expresses an emotion or feeling (indignation, surprise, command, anger, joy, etc.). This emotion or feeling is usually related to the speaker. Exclamations are used when people are surprised, happy, hurt, etc. Exclamations can be used independently or be an interjection in a sentence. Exclamations are independent elements and do not perform any syntactic function in a sentence.

Functions of exclamations

  • expression of emotions
  • order or request
  • to attract someone’s attention or to call someone
  • to fill pauses in conversation

Examples of exclamation

  1. Ah: Ah! I got my first salary
  2. Wow! You are really a jack of all traders
  3. Great! You stood first in your class
  4. Woops, I dropped the milk and it spilled
  5. Anytime
  6. yahoo – Expresses joy or happiness



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