English Grammar: Take the test with Present, Past, Future Tenses, Questions, Phrases and evaluate your knowledge

Learning English grammar: test with Present, Past, Future Tenses, Questions, Phrases

One of the most important aspects of learning English is grammar. Correct use of tenses (Present, Past, Future), formation of questions and phrases is the basis of mutual understanding and effective communication.

We are pleased to present you a test with Present, Past, Future Tenses, Questions, Phrases, which will help you test your knowledge of grammar. This test consists of 30 questions covering different aspects of grammar rules. It will help you determine your level of confidence in using these tenses, forming questions and phrases. Your result will be determined as a percentage, which will reflect your confidence in using different tenses (Present, Past, Future), forming questions and phrases.

After choosing an answer option, you will immediately see whether your answer is correct, as well as the correct option. This will allow you to quickly check your knowledge and understand how you are progressing.

Before starting, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for using these grammatical tenses and the requirements for creating questions and phrases in English. Our Grammar section has detailed explanations and helpful examples.

To start the test, simply press the “Start” button. After its completion, you will receive your result in percentage. The test can be repeated, the time and number of tests are not limited. The presented English language tests are absolutely free. With this knowledge, your confidence in English grammar will grow! We hope that this test will be useful to you and will help you improve your English grammar skills.

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Practice. Present, Past, Future Tenses. Phrases with more than one meaning

Where _____ from? _____ am from Milano.

Thank you so much for helping. “ _____ .”

_____ kind _____ music do you like?

How _____ languages can your son speak? Three _____.

What _____ ? I’m studying computer science

What _____ they going _____ do?

We send _____ through the internet

_____ Liverpool? It’s in the north west of England

Mobile phones, televisions, and radios are a means of _____.

See you next week.  “ ___________. “

_____ Leo eat Chinese food? Yes, he _____ it _____ he was 10

Romans, Greek and Egyptians are all _____ nations

Oh! Welcome, Jack! __________.

“ _____”  Yes, can I help you?

Romans _____ a unique system of the Roman alphabet

Nowadays media has a huge influence on the _____.

_____ born? I was born in London

Make your self at home. “ _____ .”

_____ a job ? No, I don’t. I’m a student

Are _____? No, I’m single

Are _____ your course? Yes, I’m enjoying it very much

Good morning! “ _____”

Customer: _______________! Shop assistant: _______________?

What are you doing this weekend? “______________.”

When _____ it _____ raining? Yesterday.

Thank you very much! ___________

Good night! _____!

“Have a nice day!”  “ _____.”

Do _____ clubs? I go sometimes

What _____? My name’s Ben

What_____ doing in you free time? I like watching sport on TV

Your score is


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