Present Perfect: a practical exercise in the English language

Studying the Present Perfect: An interesting exercise with the missing words

Present Perfect is a tense used to describe actions that happened in the past but have a connection or consequence in the present.

Scheme of formation of Present Perfect:

  • auxiliary verb “have” (or “has” for the third person singular) + the main form of the verb ending in-ed” (or the irregular form of the verb, past participle)

To improve Present Perfect skills, a practice exercise with missing words is offered for quick English learning. Do the exercise below to consolidate your knowledge and learn the Present Perfect. This exercise will help you understand the Present Perfect and learn how to use it correctly.

An exercise to consolidate knowledge about the Present Perfect tense

Open the brackets correctly

Jessica runs a factory that manufactures electronics. While she was on vacation, there were some problems at work. She tells her colleagues about her vacation and what happened at work.

  1. I've (be) to Bali on vacation, and it was fantastic!
  2. We (stay) at a beautiful villa near the beach.
  3. My husband (try) surfing for the first time, and he absolutely loved it.
  4. However, while I (be) away, there were some at the factory.
  5. Apparently, our new production system (not work) as efficiently as we hoped.
  6. The employees (report) a high percentage of defective products.
  7. Also, no one (tell) me that our main supplier is having problems with delivery.
  8. I can see my team (not handle) the situation without me.
  9. Since I've come back, I (make) changes to ensure the problems don't happen again.
  10. Luckily, I (find) a better supplier and the production is back on track now.


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