Test of knowledge of tenses and passive voice in English

Passive Voice in English Grammar

Understanding tenses and passive voice in English: knowledge test

Learning English involves understanding various tenses and the passive voice, which are essential concepts for expressing actions and events from different perspectives and showcasing how they interact with one another.

1. Present Simple Passive

The Present Simple Passive is used to express general facts, situations, or regular events where the focus is on the object of the action rather than the doer.


  • The book is read by many students.
  • English is spoken all over the world.

2. Past Simple Passive

The Past Simple Passive is used to describe actions or events that happened in the past and are completed.


  • The letter was sent yesterday.
  • The cake was eaten by the children.

3. Present Continuous Passive

The Present Continuous Passive is employed for ongoing actions or events happening at the current moment.


  • The house is being painted right now.
  • The project is being discussed by the team.

4. Future Simple Passive

The Future Simple Passive is used to indicate actions or events that will occur in the future.


  • The party will be organized by my sister.
  • The movie will be released next month.

5. Present Perfect Passive

The Present Perfect Passive is used to connect actions or events to the present moment, which may be either completed or ongoing.


  • The report has been written.
  • The documents have not been signed yet.

6. Past Perfect Passive

The Past Perfect Passive is used to describe actions or events that occurred before a specific point in the past.


  • The keys had been lost before I found them.
  • All the tickets had been sold out by the time we arrived.

Understanding the various tenses and the passive voice provides flexibility and versatility in expressing thoughts and ideas in English. Learning these concepts is crucial for comprehending and using the English language effectively in different situations.

Practice. Tenses and passive voice in English

Take the quiz with 20 questions, only one correct answer. The time for passing the test is not limited, there is no need to register and it is possible to repeat the test an unlimited number of times.

Passive Voice in English Grammar

Practice. Tenses and Passive Voice in English

A: Would you like me to give Mike a message for you?

B: Oh, I don’t want to trouble you.

A: It’s no trouble, really. I ______ Mike tomorrow anyway.

Last Sunday we ____ out of the house where we ____ for five years

Next August, while you ______ for your exams, I ______ on a Mediterranean beach.

They were very rude to us. We ______ there again

A: Why have you set your alarm clock to go off at 5.30? B: Because I ______ then. I have to catch the early train.

We spent hours talking about what we ______ since we left school

By 2010, scientists surely ______ a cure for cancer

I met her at yesterday’s party, but I ______ her by sight for years before that.

As soon as she ______ out of bed she got dressed.

A: I’ve planned my future for the next five years

B: That is very clever of you. What ______ when you retire?

When he’d counted his change he ______ it in his pocket

A: What’s the time?  B: I’m sorry I ______. My watch ______.

They ______ married but in the end they changed their mind.

In about forty years’ time we’ll probably ______ on pills.

In a fortnight’s time they ______ their exams

He ______ in the library every night for the last two months.

When I counted my change I realized they ______ me $ 3 too much.

When I last talked to him, he ______ English

Since the day he ______ ill he ______ a lot of reading

You’ll feel a lot better after you ______ a rest

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