Practice. Past Simple, Past Continuous

Practice. Past Simple, Past Continuous


Practice. Past Simple, Past Continuous

We lived in Bristol _____ three years.

I had an accident _____ last night

_____ the afternoon we went for a walk

I _____ for my things when I ____ someone call my name.

I bought a car a few weeks _____.

It will be ready _____ two weeks

We got up late _____ Sunday morning

I _____ round and _____ Paula

It happened _____ seven o’clock _____ the evening

I was born in Africa _____ 1970

I left college three years _____.

My parents moved back to England _____ I was five

They arrived _____ three o’clock _____ the afternoon

I took my car to the garage _____ this morning

_____ Saturday evening we went out to a concert

I usually go home _____ the weekend

I didn’t go home ____ weekend because some friends came to stay

I found a flat on my own _____ last year

_____ a friend while I _____ the shopping

_____ we got home we listened to some music

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Learn grammar – Past Simple, Past Continuous

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