Practice. Past Perfect. Reported statements

Practice. Past Perfect. Reported statements.


Practice. Past Perfect. Reported statements

I had read the book _____ I saw the film.

_____ I had had a bath I went to bed.

Could I ______ your pen?

When I _____ the letter, I _____ it away.

“You can move in immediately.”
She told me I _____ immediately.

I _____ you at 8.00, but you _____ just _____ out.

After they _____ their work, they ___ home.

“The people who I looked after are very well.”
She said that the people who she _____ after _____ very well.

Lisa _____ me a lift because I _____ the bus

I ____ to sleep until I _____ my homework.

I took my family to Paris last year. I _____ there as a student, so I _____ my way around.

He _____ he was at school the day before.

I _____ her for everything she _____.

Sandra _____ Bob that she didn’t see the Taj Mahal.

“You’ll have to make up your mind soon.”
She told me I _____ make up my mind soon.

Why did you _____ that?

As soon as he _____ his driving test, he _____ a car.

After I _____ to the news, I _____ to bed.

I’m English. I come from Brighton. In Paris I am a _____.

When I got to the office, I _____ that I _____ to lock the front door.

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We study grammar about Past Perfect.

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