Phrasal Verbs with “SET” in English

The verb to set [sɛt]is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to setsetset

Consider common phrasal verbs with to set in the English

  • set about
    • Dan set about improving his Spanish
  • set apart
    • There was something about her that set her apart from the other women
  • set aside
    • She sets aside $30 a week to buy a car
    • She had to set the report aside until she had dealt with the correspondence
  • set back
    • We usually set the clock back one hour at the beginning of autumn
  • set down
    • We set down just over that ridge
  • set forth
    • Setting forth on a journey meant a great deal of preparation
  • set in
    • Winter has set in early this year
  • set off
    • He set off/out for work an hour ago
    • The redundancies set off strikes throughout the area
    • The four men set out to prove their innocence
  • set on
    • He threatened to set the dogs on us if we didn’t leave
  • set up
    • He set up a new record for the 1,000 metres
    • When he married he left his father’s shop and set up on his own
    • I’ve been set up
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