Phrasal Verbs with ‘Press’ in English

18 Phrasal Verbs with 'Press'

What are the phrasal verbs with “press”?

Learning English requires understanding a variety of lexical constructions, and phrasal verbs are one of them. Phrasal verbs are an important part of speech that help give your speech more expressiveness and precision. Today we will look at phrasal verbs with the word “press” [pres], which are useful in various life situations.

TOP 18 Phrasal Verbs with “Press”

Here are the top 18 phrasal verbs with ‘press,’ along with their meanings and examples:

  1. Press on
    • Meaning: To continue doing something despite difficulties.
    • Example: Despite the challenges, they decided to press on with their research project.
  2. Press for
    • Meaning: To advocate or demand something forcefully.
    • Example: The workers are pressing for better working conditions and higher wages.
  3. Press ahead
    • Meaning: To continue moving forward or proceeding with a plan.
    • Example: Despite the setbacks, they pressed ahead with the construction project.
  4. Press down
    • Meaning: To apply downward pressure or force.
    • Example: Press down on the brake pedal to stop the car.
  5. Press for
    • Meaning: To make an effort to achieve or obtain something.
    • Example: She is pressing for a promotion at work by demonstrating her skills and dedication.
  6. Press forward
    • Meaning: To keep moving forward, often with determination.
    • Example: Even in the face of adversity, they pressed forward to reach their goals.
  7. Press through
    • Meaning: To move through something challenging or difficult.
    • Example: They had to press through heavy traffic to get to the airport on time.
  8. Press out
    • Meaning: To squeeze or extract something from a container.
    • Example: She pressed out the toothpaste from the tube.
  9. Press up
    • Meaning: To increase or intensify something.
    • Example: The company is pressing up efforts to meet the project deadline.
  10. Press charges
    • Meaning: To officially accuse someone of a crime and initiate legal proceedings.
    • Example: The victim decided to press charges against the person who stole their car.
  11. Press against
    • Meaning: To apply physical pressure or force against something.
    • Example: The crowd pressed against the barricades, eager to see the celebrity.
  12. Press for
    • Meaning: To push for or seek the approval or acceptance of something.
    • Example: The team is pressing for their innovative idea to be implemented in the project.
  13. Press in
    • Meaning: To push or insert something into a tight space.
    • Example: He pressed in the final piece of the puzzle to complete it.
  14. Press down on
    • Meaning: To exert downward force on something.
    • Example: Press down on the keyboard keys to type.
  15. Press together
    • Meaning: To bring two or more things closer or into contact by applying pressure.
    • Example: She pressed the two pieces of fabric together to sew them.
  16. Press forward with
    • Meaning: To continue with something, often a plan or project, with determination and without hesitation.
    • Example: Despite the setbacks, they pressed forward with their plan to expand the business into new markets.
  17. Press into
    • Meaning: To push or force something into a particular place or position.
    • Example: She pressed the key into the lock and turned it to open the door.
  18. Press upon
    • Meaning: To emphasize or insist on something strongly.
    • Example: The importance of environmental conservation was pressed upon the students during the school assembly.

These phrasal verbs with ‘press’ can be valuable additions to your English vocabulary, helping you express various actions and ideas in different contexts. Practice using them to improve your language skills and communication abilities.

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