Phrasal Verbs With “Have”

Learning phrasal verbs in English with “Have”

Learning English involves more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules; it’s about understanding the nuances of the language and how words come together to convey meaning. One fascinating aspect of English is the use of phrasal verbs, which are combinations of a verb and one or more particles (usually prepositions or adverbs). In this article, we’ll delve into the world of phrasal verbs with the versatile and ubiquitous verb “have” [hæv].

TOP 30 phrasal verbs with “Have”

1. Have on: To wear or put on clothing or accessories.

  • Example: She had on a beautiful dress for the party.
  • Example: Sally had red pants and a blue shirt
  • Example: Last summer was so cool that we had the air conditioner on only two or three times.
  • Example: He was having you on

2. Have up: To invite someone to your home or to a particular location.

  • Example: We’re having some friends up for a barbecue this weekend.

3. Have over: To invite someone to your home, often for a social event.

  • Example: Let’s have the neighbors over for tea next week.

4. Have out: To resolve a problem or conflict with someone through discussion or negotiation.

  • Example: It’s important to have out any disagreements before they escalate.
  • Example: I had to have my appendix out

5. Have off: To take a day off or be absent from work or school.

  • Example: I’m planning to have a few days off next week to relax.

6. Have back: To receive something that you previously lent to someone.

  • Example: Can I have my book back? I need it for my class.

7. Have down: To have a skill or piece of information well-learned or mastered.

  • Example: She has the dance routine down perfectly.

8. Have at: To attempt or attack something with enthusiasm or determination.

  • Example: I can’t wait to have a go at solving this challenging puzzle.

9. Have off: To remove time from work or school for a particular reason.

  • Example: He had two weeks off to travel to Europe.
  • Example: Can I have Monday morning off to see my doctor?

10. Have in: To submit or present something, often a piece of work or an assignment.

  • Example: Make sure you have your essays in by the end of the week.
  • Example: Would you like to have your friends in for a few drinks?
  • Example: They are having a maid in to care for the house

11. Have away: To give something to someone for free or as a gift.

  • Example: The company is having away promotional merchandise at the event.

12. Have up to: To engage in a particular activity or behavior, often with a sense of mischief.

  • Example: The kids were having up to all sorts of adventures during their summer break.

13. Have on to: To continue doing something with determination or perseverance.

  • Example: Despite the challenges, she had on to her dream of becoming a doctor.

14. Have in for: To be in trouble or to face negative consequences.

  • Example: If you cheat on the exam, you’ll have it in for sure.

15. Have away with: To possess a natural skill or talent for something.

  • Example: She has away with words and can convince anyone of her ideas.

16. Have through: To guide or assist someone in completing a task or process.

  • Example: The instructor had the students through the complex experiment.

17. Have around: To keep something available for use or consumption.

  • Example: We always have some snacks around for when guests come over.

18. Have out with: To express one’s feelings or confront someone about an issue.

  • Example: He finally had it out with his roommate about the loud music.

19. Have for: To consider someone or something as a particular thing or role.

  • Example: I had him for a reliable friend, but he let me down.

20. Have over with: To finish or complete something, usually an unpleasant task.

  • Example: I’m looking forward to getting this meeting have over with so I can focus on other tasks

21. Have at it: To encourage someone to start doing something.

  • Example: The chef said, “The ingredients are ready, so have at it!”

22. Have under: To control or manage a situation or group of people.

  • Example: The experienced teacher had the rowdy class under in no time.

23. Have on about: To talk or complain excessively about something.

  • Example: He’s always having on about his job, but he never does anything to change it.

24. Have by: To manage or get through a difficult situation with minimal damage.

  • Example: We had by during the storm by staying indoors.

25. Have it all: To be extremely successful or fortunate in various aspects of life.

  • Example: She seems to have it all – a great career, a loving family, and good health.

26. Have a go: To attempt or try something.

  • Example: Don’t be afraid to have a go at cooking; you might surprise yourself.

27. Have (got) against: To hold a grudge or negative feelings towards someone.

  • Example: I don’t know why she has got against me; I’ve always been friendly to her.
  • Example: What have you got against Ruth? She’s always been good to you.

28. Have round: To invite someone to your home or a specific location.

  • Example: We’re having some friends round for a casual dinner on Saturday.

29.Have it out with:means to resolve or discuss a problem, conflict, or disagreement frankly and openly with someone

  • Example: I must have it out with him

30. Have down as: To perceive or consider someone or something to have a particular characteristic or quality.

  • Example: I always had him down as a quiet person, but he surprised me with his energetic personality.

Phrasal verbs with “have” can be used in various contexts, adding depth and nuance to your communication. Understanding and incorporating these phrases into your English conversations can help you sound more natural and confident. As you continue to learn English, explore these phrasal verbs with “have” to enhance your language skills and embrace the richness of the English language.

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