Phrasal Verbs with “HAND” in English

Hand [hænd] is a regular verbPhrasal verbs with “Hand” include:

  • hand a/round
    • Could you hand the sandwiches a/round please, Dan?
  • hand back 
    • Mr Evans handed back our essays today
  • hand down
    • The courts hand down decisions on the outcome of their consideration of complaints
  • hand in
    • Please hand in your application by September 30
  • hand off
    • Get your hand off  that thing, man
  • hand on
    • Here lay your hand on mine, lady
  • hand out
    • They were handing out free T-shirts at the club
  • hand over
    • The thief was caught and handed over to the police
  • hand up
    • Put your hand up and ask us how you can help
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