Phrasal verbs with “hammer” in English

hammer out phrasal verb

Phrasal verbs with the word “Hammer” in English

Let’s consider the word “hammer” in English, which can be both a noun and a verb. There is often confusion between “hummer” and “hammer” due to the similarity in pronunciation and spelling. “Hummer” refers to a brand of SUVs and pickup trucks, but that’s not what we’re discussing today. Don’t confuse these words. As a noun, “hammer” can mean a tool with a heavy metal head attached at a right angle to the end of a handle, used for such work as breaking things and driving nails, or a machine with a metal block for striking a heavy blow on something. As a verb, it means to strike or beat with a hammer or similar object, or to attack or criticize vigorously, or to force prices down. Examples of usage:

  • “He hammered the tack in.”
  • “She hammered on his door.”
  • “Skeptical investors hammered the computer company’s stock.”

In this article, we’ll look at some interesting phrasal verbs with the verb “hammer.” For example, “hammer out” means to work out or settle by long discussion.

  • “They need to hammer out the details of the contract.”

Top 10 phrasal verbs with “Hammer”

Hammer out

  • Meaning: To work out or settle by long discussion
  • Example: They managed to hammer out the terms of the agreement by noon.

Hammer in

  • Meaning: To instill information or knowledge by repetition
  • Example: The teacher hammered in the importance of regular practice.

Hammer away at

  • Meaning: To work persistently at something
  • Example: He hammered away at the report all morning.

Hammer down

  • Meaning: To force prices down; to bargain for a lower price
  • Example: The customers tried to hammer down the price of the car.

Hammer into

  • Meaning: To instill something firmly into someone’s mind or memory
  • Example: His father hammered into him the value of hard work.
  • Meaning: To repeat something over a period of time so that someone remembers it
  • Example: He hammered the rules into me.

Hammer up

  • Meaning: To nail or fix something using a hammer
  • Example: They hammered up the decorations before the party started.

Hammer on

  • Meaning: To insist or dwell on one particular thing
  • Example: He kept hammering on about the need for change.

Hammer out a deal

  • Meaning: To work out the terms of an agreement through lengthy discussion
  • Example: After several hours of negotiation, they finally hammered out a deal.

Hammer away

  • Meaning: To keep doing or saying something persistently
  • Example: She hammered away at her point until everyone agreed.

Hammer through

  • Meaning: To force through (a law, decision) quickly or forcefully
  • Example: The new policy was hammered through despite opposition.


Learning phrasal verbs in English can be challenging, but it is an important step towards improving your ability to speak and write more naturally. “Hammer” can have different meanings in different contexts, and using it correctly can greatly enhance your ability to express yourself. Practice regularly, and you’ll see your English skills improve significantly.

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