Phrasal Verbs With ‘Finish’ in English

What does the phrasal verb 'to finish with'

Studying phrasal verbs with the word “Finish”

Learning English and improving grammar skills is not always an easy task. However, one of the key components of successful command of the English language is the understanding and use of phrasal verbs. Today we will look at phrasal verbs with the word ‘finish‘ [ˈfɪn.ɪʃ], which will help you speak more confidently and express your thoughts in a more diverse way by enriching your vocabulary.

TOP 15 phrasal verbs with “Finish”

To begin, let’s look at the 15 most popular phrasal verbs with “finish” along with explanations and examples:

  1. Finish off
    • Meaning: To consume the last of something or to complete something.
    • Example: She finished off the last piece of cake.
  2. Finish up
    • Meaning: To complete something or bring it to an end.
    • Example: Let’s finish up this project before the deadline.
  3. Finish with
    • Meaning: To conclude a task or stop dealing with something.
    • Example: I’ve finished with the paperwork, so I can help you now.
  4. Finish on
    • Meaning: To end something on a particular note or point.
    • Example: The movie finished on a cliffhanger.
  5. Finish out
    • Meaning: To complete something until the very end.
    • Example: He wants to finish out his career with a victory.
  6. Finish off with
    • Meaning: To conclude something by adding a final touch or element.
    • Example: She finished off the dish with a sprinkle of fresh herbs.
  7. Finish ahead of
    • Meaning: To complete something before a certain time or before others.
    • Example: She finished the race ahead of all her competitors.
  8. Finish in
    • Meaning: To conclude something in a specific state or condition.
    • Example: The team finished the season in second place.
  9. Finish off with
    • Meaning: To complete something by adding a specific concluding element.
    • Example: He finished off the presentation with a memorable quote.
  10. Finish up on
    • Meaning: To conclude a discussion or topic and move to the next one.
    • Example: Let’s finish up on this issue and proceed to the next agenda item.
  11. Finish out in
    • Meaning: To complete something in a particular manner or style.
    • Example: They finished out the performance in grand fashion.
  12. Finish over
    • Meaning: To complete a competition or event.
    • Example: The marathon finished over the weekend.
  13. Finish down
    • Meaning: To conclude something in a lower position or state.
    • Example: The team finished down in the rankings this season.
  14. Finish away
    • Meaning: To complete something at a distance from the usual location.
    • Example: He had to finish the project away from the office.
  15. Finish off by
    • Meaning: To conclude or summarize some action or discussion with a specific element, usually some summary, information, or emphasis on a particular aspect.
    • Example: I want to finish off by talking about money.

Learning phrasal verbs can be an important stage for your own development in the English language. They add more variety to your speech and allow you to express your thoughts more precisely. Try to include these phrasal verbs in your active vocabulary and practice them in different situations. Don’t forget that practice is the key to mastering a language. By using phrasal verbs in conversation and writing, you will improve your skills and make your English learning more interesting and productive.

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