Phrasal Verbs with “Dump” in English

What does the word "Dump" mean in English?

What does the word “Dump” mean in English?

Phrasal verbs are an important part of the English language. One of the interesting phrasal verbs that can often be encountered today is “to dump”. Let’s start by looking at the word “dump” in English, consider its meanings and usage. In English, “dump” is most often used as a verb or a noun:

  1. Verb (to dump):
    • To put or drop something in an untidy or sudden manner.
    • To get rid of something unwanted by leaving it in an unauthorized place.
    • To suddenly end a romantic relationship.
  2. Noun (a dump):
    • A place where people can leave their garbage.
    • An extremely unpleasant and unattractive place.

The word “dump” is used in information technology. In this context, “dump” can mean:

  1. Memory Dump: This is a record of the state of a computer program’s working memory at a particular point in time, usually when the program terminates abnormally (hangs or “crashes”). This can be useful for analyzing and identifying the causes of problems.
  2. Database Dump: This is an export of the contents of a database, which can be used to restore data or move it to another system.
  3. File Dump: This is the process of outputting the contents of a file in a human-readable format, which can be useful for analysis.

These processes are often used by programmers and IT specialists for diagnosing and solving problems in software and systems.

Examples of use:

  • “He dumped the trash in the bin”
  • “Let’s go to the dump to throw away these old chairs”
  • “The company was fined for illegally dumping chemicals into the river”
  • “After the breakup, she felt like her apartment was a dump”

Also “dump” is often used as a phrasal verb, let’s look at the TOP 10 most popular phrasal verbs with it, their meanings and usage examples.

TOP 10 Phrasal Verbs with “Dump” in English

Dump on

  • Meaning: To unfairly criticize or burden someone with problems or responsibilities.
  • Example: “I can’t believe my boss dumped all these reports on me right before the weekend!”

Dump out

  • Meaning: To empty something out quickly or forcefully.
  • Example: “He angrily dumped out his bag onto the table, searching for his lost keys.”

Dump off

  • Meaning: To leave someone or something abruptly and without consideration.
  • Example: “She just dumped her old car off at the junkyard without a second thought.”

Dump down

  • Meaning: To simplify something, often in a condescending manner.
  • Example: “The teacher had to dump down the lesson for the younger students to understand.”

Dump into

  • Meaning: To invest a large amount of money or resources into something.
  • Example: “The company decided to dump millions into their new advertising campaign.”

Dump off

  • Meaning: To sell something quickly, often at a low price.
  • Example: “He needed to move out of town quickly, so he dumped off his furniture at a garage sale.”

Dump on

  • Meaning: To end a romantic relationship abruptly or callously.
  • Example: “She felt heartbroken when he suddenly dumped on her after years of dating.”

Dump out

  • Meaning: To reveal or disclose information, often unexpectedly.
  • Example: “The whistleblower decided to dump out all the company’s secrets to the press.”

Dump off

  • Meaning: To drop off someone or something at a specific location.
  • Example: “I’ll dump you off at the train station on my way to work.”

Dump in

  • Meaning: To place something in a particular location or container.
  • Example: “She quickly dumped in the laundry detergent and started the washing machine.”

Phrasal verbs with “dump” are versatile and widely used in English, despite their somewhat informal and casual nature. Mastering their meanings and usage can greatly enhance one’s ability to express ideas precisely and idiomatically in both speech and writing.

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