Phrasal Verbs with “CALL” in English

Call[kɔːl] is a regular verbPhrasal verbs with “call” include:

  • call at
    • I called at the bank and arranged to transfer some money
  • call away
    • I’m sorry, Mr Sharp is not in the office at the moment, he’s been called away to attend a meeting
  • call back
    • Our representative in Paris must be called back
  • call by
    • I thought I’d call by and see how you were
  • call down
    • The newspapers called down Tom’s latest book
  • call for
    • The situation called for drastic measures
  • сall forth
    • They are thoughts that call forth love in others
  • call in
    • She called in last Monday to see our new house
  • call in at
    • I want to call in at one of those hotels to check something
  • call off
    • The game was called off
  • call on/upon
    • He called on/upon all housewives in the area and asked them to sign the petition
  • call out
    • Trouble can call out a person’s best qualities
  • call up
    • He called me up to tell me about it
  • сall round
    • The nurse said she would call round to see my sister
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