Phrasal Verbs with “Answer” in English

phrasal verbs with Answer

What are the phrasal verbs with “Answer” in English?

Learning English is an exciting journey, but it can also be a bit challenging, especially when you encounter phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are a unique feature of the English language that often leaves learners scratching their heads. However, they are an essential part of everyday communication, and mastering them is crucial to becoming a fluent English speaker. In this article, we will delve into the world of phrasal verbs, focusing on those containing the word “answer” [ɑːn.sə].

What Are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs are combinations of a verb and one or more particles (usually prepositions or adverbs) that, when used together, have a different meaning than the individual words. They are ubiquitous in spoken and written English and are essential for understanding and engaging in everyday conversations.

TOP 10 Phrasal Verbs with “Answer”

Here are the top 10 phrasal verbs with “answer”:

  1. Answer back
    • Meaning: To reply rudely or defiantly to someone in authority.
    • Example: The child was disciplined for answering back to the teacher.
  2. Answer for
    • Meaning: To take responsibility or be held accountable for something.
    • Example: He had to answer for his mistakes during the project presentation.
  3. Answer to
    • Meaning: To be accountable or report to someone in authority.
    • Example:  She answers directly to the manager in her department.
  4. Answer up
    • Meaning: To respond promptly or accurately.
    • Example: He always answers up quickly when asked a question in meetings.
  5. Answer to the call
    • Meaning: To fulfill a duty or meet an obligation.
    • Example:  He answered to the call of duty by volunteering to help during the crisis.
  6. Answer the door
    • Meaning: To respond to someone who knocks on the door.
    • Example:  Could you please answer the door? I’m in the middle of something.
  7. Answer the phone
    • Meaning: To respond to an incoming phone call.
    • ExampleI’ll answer the phone if it rings while you’re away.
  8. Answer with
    • Meaning: To respond using a particular type of action or reply.
    • Example: She answered with a smile when he complimented her work.
  9. Answer back
    • Meaning: To return a phone call or reply to a message.
    • Example:  I’ll answer back as soon as I get a chance to review the email.
  10. Answer a question
    • Meaning: To provide a response or solution to a question or problem.
    • Example: She answered the question with a detailed explanation.

These phrasal verbs are versatile and commonly used in both casual and formal English, so mastering them will help you become a more proficient English speaker.

Using “Answer” Phrasal Verbs in Context

Understanding these phrasal verbs is one thing, but using them correctly in context is another. Let’s look at some example sentences:

  1. When asked about his behavior in the meeting, John answered back to his boss, which didn’t end well for him.
  2. The CEO had to answer for the company’s financial losses during the shareholders’ meeting.
  3. As the head of the department, Sarah answers to the director of the company.
  4. During the interview, she answered up confidently, impressing the panel of interviewers.
  5. In times of crisis, it’s essential to answer the call of duty and help those in need.
  6. When someone rings the doorbell, please answer the door and see who it is.
  7. She always answers the phone promptly, ensuring excellent customer service.

Learning phrasal verbs, including those containing “answer,” is an ongoing process, but it’s an important step toward becoming proficient and fluent in English. As you continue to learn and practice, these expressions will enable you to communicate more effectively in both everyday and professional settings.

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