Past Simple Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

Simple Past Tense: How to Use It, With Examples

What is Past Simple?

Past Simple  is one of the tenses of the English language, which is used to express actions or events that happened in the past and have already been completed. This tense is used to talk about past events, actions, or states that did not last for a long time.

The formation of the Past Simple usually depends on the main verb. Most verbs in the Past Simple use the verb form by adding the ending “-ed” to the base form. However, there are some irregular verbs that have excellent forms in the Past Simple.


  • I walked to the park yesterday
  • She cooked dinner for us last night
  • They visited their grandparents on the weekend

Past Simple is also used to express a sequence of events in the past. For this, Past Simple is used in combination with conjunctions such as “then”, “after”, “before” and others.


  • I woke up, then I brushed my teeth
  • She finished her work before she went home

Understanding the Past Simple is important for using tenses correctly in English and for talking about past events.

Test on Simple Past


Practice. Past Simple Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

My parents ________ in London when I was born

________ she buy a new car last month?

They ________ their dog for a walk yesterday

I ________ a book about history last night.

Did you __________ yesterday?

We ________ a great time at the concert.

We ________ to the park after school.

________ they go on vacation last month?

She ________ her breakfast an hour ago.

She ________ a delicious cake for her birthday.

________ it rain all day yesterday?

I ________ my keys this morning.

________ he play tennis last week?

We ________ a movie last night.

He ________ the news on TV last night.

________ they visit their grandparents yesterday?

________ you finish your homework yesterday?

________ you study for the test yesterday?

He ________ to the beach last summer.

She ________ to the party with her friends.

Your score is


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