Modal Verb Dare in English

Dare is used both as a regular verb and as a modal one.

  • As a regular verb dare has two forms: dare for the present tense and dared for the past tense. As a regular verb it is used with the auxiliary verb to do in the interrogative form and with -s in the third person singular the Present Simple. It is also used with the to-Infinitive.
    • No one dared to ask him
    • He didn’t dare to stop me
  • In affirmative sentences it may express challenge
    • I dare you to jump off that wall
  • As a modal verb it is used chiefly in interrogative and nega­tive sentences. It expresses to have the courage or impertinence to do something or lack of courage in negative sentences
    • I daren’t ask her. Will you do it?
    • How dare she take this risk?


    • I dare say (or daresay) means I suppose, probably
    • I dare say he will come late
  • You can come across a mixture of a regular and modal verb
    • We didn’t dare say anything else.
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