Read the text and fill in the missing adjective

Read the text and fill in the missing adjective

Possible words in the text: friendlier, lazier, strongest, more fulfilling, cooler, better, more active, harsh, delicious, strongest

My Preferences and Comparisons

Fill in the missing words

When I was young, I used to think that my dad was the (1) person in the world. He would lift heavy boxes and move furniture around with ease. But as I grew up, I realized that my mom was actually the (2) one. She raised three kids on her own and never once complained about how hard it was.

My favorite season is fall. The weather is (3) than summer, but not as (4) as winter. The leaves change color and fall off the trees, making everything look so beautiful. And Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up and eat (5) candy.

I have two cats, and they are both adorable. But one is (6) than the other. She sleeps all day and only moves when she wants to eat. The other cat is (7) than her. She runs around the house, jumps on everything, and loves to play with toys.

I recently got a new job, and I love it. It is (8) than my old job, but also much (9) . I work with a great team of people who are all (10) than my previous coworkers. They make the workday much more enjoyable.

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