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Synonym Definition & Meaning

An effective synonym exercise for learning English online

Learning English online with synonym exercises is an effective way to expand your vocabulary and improve your fluency. In this article, we will explore synonyms for some of the most common English words, such as train, attractive, go, happen, enjoy, and many more. Using synonyms allows you to diversify your speech, avoid repetition, and convey your thoughts more precisely in English. Mastering synonyms will also help you better understand different contexts and shades of meaning. For each word, we provide its transcription, definition, a list of synonyms, and an example sentence. This format will help you reinforce the new words in your memory more effectively. We offer free English language learning for everyone, so there is no registration, time limit, or restriction on the number of attempts.  At the end of the article, test your knowledge by completing an engaging synonyms exercise. Education should be accessible to everyone for free!

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Top 20 useful English words with synonyms and examples

TRAIN /treɪn/ – to teach skills to a person or animal

  • Synonyms: teach, educate, prepare, improve
  • Example: They train the football team for future competitions.

ATTRACTIVE /əˈtræk.tɪv/ – pleasant or interesting to look at

  • Synonyms: beautiful, good-looking, charming
  • Example: She is a very attractive girl.

WENT TO /wɛnt tu:/ – to travel or move to a place

  • Synonyms: visit, depart for
  • Example: They went to Paris for the weekend.

GO TO SEE /ɡəʊ tu si:/ – to visit someone or something

  • Synonyms: visit, call on
  • Example: I will go to see my grandma on Sunday.

IMMEDIATELY /ɪˈmi.di.ə – without delay, at once

  • Synonyms: now, urgently
  • Example: I will do it immediately.

CORRECTLY /kəˈrɛ – in an accurate way, without errors

  • Synonyms: accurately, rightly
  • Example: He spelled the word correctly.

GO ON /ɡəʊ ɒn/ – to continue

  • Synonyms: continue, proceed
  • Example: Go on working.

HAPPENED /ˈhæp.ən.d̩/ – to occur or take place

  • Synonyms: occur, take place
  • Example: What happened?

ENJOYED /ɪnˈdʒɔɪd/ – to get pleasure from something

  • Synonyms: take pleasure in, like
  • Example: We enjoyed the trip a lot.

ALSO /ˈɔːl.səʊ/ – in addition, as well

  • Synonyms: too, as well
  • Example: I will also go to the concert.

HOLIDAY /ˈhɒl.ɪ.deɪ/ – a time of rest from work or studies

  • Synonyms: vacation, break
  • Example: I had a wonderful holiday by the seaside.

TASTED /ˈteɪ.stɪd/ – to perceive the flavor of something

  • Synonyms: try, savor
  • Example: I tasted this new dessert, and it was very delicious.

PUT /pʊt/ – to move something to a particular position

  • Synonyms: place, set
  • Example: I put the book on the table.

WIDE /waɪd/ – having a great extent from side to side

  • Synonyms: spacious, large
  • Example: The streets in the city center are very wide.

NEAR /nɪər/ – not far away

  • Synonyms: not far, close by
  • Example: The school is very near my house.

LARGE /lɑːdʒ/ – of considerable size or extent

  • Synonyms: massive, huge, bulky
  • Example: He had a very large nose.

LEFT /lɛft/ – to go away from a place

  • Synonyms: go away, quit
  • Example: He left school at the age of 17.

LEND /lɛnd/ – to allow someone to use something temporarily

  • Synonyms: borrow, loan
  • Example: I can lend you my book.

STARTED /ˈstɑːr.tɪd/ – to begin or commence

  • Synonyms: begin, commence
  • Example: The festival started in Berlin.

CLEAN /kliːn/ – to remove dirt or unwanted substances

  • Synonyms: wash, tidy up
  • Example: I like to clean my room.

Test your knowledge of synonyms with a Quiz

After familiarizing yourself with synonyms for popular English words, it’s time to reinforce your newly acquired knowledge through practice. This engaging quiz will help you assess how well you’ve grasped the new synonyms.

Instructions: Find the synonym for the words written in CAPITAL LETTERS among the multiple-choice options. Hints in the form of transcriptions, definitions, and examples for each word will guide you toward the correct answer.

Synonym Definition & Meaning

Practice. Synonyms Quiz

Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals

I ENJOYED the trip very much.

I like to CLEAN my room.

If your friend is seriously ill you should GO TO SEE him.

I’ll LEND you my book if you return it to me.

The child couldn’t find his ball because he had PUT it under the bed.

My parents WENT TO Moscow in May and they will come back in June.

What HAPPENED to you?

At the age of 17 he LEFT school and went to work at the factory.

His HOLIDAY by the sea was like a dream.

She is a doctor and ALSO a student.

The housewife TASTED the soup and said it was delicious.

I would like to speak to you IMMEDIATELY.

The girl was so ATTRACTIVE that I constantly looked at her.

The festival STARTED in Berlin.

There was an old man in a barge, whose nose was exceedingly LARGE.

Switzerland helps developing countries to TRAIN their skilled personnel.

The school he goes to is NEAR his house.

That wasn’t pronounced CORRECTLY.

“Will you GO ON, Ashley?” said the teacher.

The streets of Tashkent are WIDE and straight.

Your score is


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