Jobs and Professions in English: Examples and Exercises

“What do you do?” or “What is your job?”

Overview of Professions in English

A job refers to a specific role, duty, or position that someone has in a workplace. Jobs have responsibilities, required skills, and often specialized terminology associated with them. Learning English opens doors to a world of opportunities, including understanding and using professional terminology and concepts. In this article, we’ll look at different professions and their descriptions, in order to expand our vocabulary and improve skills in English. Each profession has its own unique characteristics, terminology, and requirements, and learning about them will help you better understand diverse fields of activity and professional aspects of English. The professions we will look at today are only a small part of those that exist, but they are popular. After reviewing the professions, complete the tasks with 15 questions to consolidate your knowledge. Breathe and tell us about your dream job, or perhaps you already have such a career.

Professions, Occupations, and Jobs: English Vocabulary Guide

Overview of professions in English, explanations and examples of usage.

  1. Architect

    • Explanation: An architect is a profession related to the design and construction of buildings and structures. They develop plans for buildings, manage construction projects, and collaborate with clients to bring their ideas to life.
    • Usage example: “The architect is responsible for the design and structure of the new office building.”
  2. Singer

    • Explanation: A singer is someone who performs musical compositions using their voice. They may perform live at concerts, record albums, or sing in various musical groups.
    • Usage example: “This singer has an amazing voice and always impresses her audience with her performances.”
  3. Painter

    • Explanation: A painter is someone who creates art through painting or coloring. They may work in different styles and mediums such as drawing, oil painting, abstract, portraits, etc.
    • Usage example: “A famous painter released a new artwork that impressed critics with its originality.”
  4. Student

    • Explanation: A student is someone who studies at an educational institution like a school, college, or university. They receive education and skills to prepare for a future career.
    • Usage example: “Students are preparing for end-of-semester exams by studying materials and completing assignments.”
  5. House Painter

    • Explanation: A house painter is a profession related to painting the exterior or interior surfaces of buildings. They use paint and tools to create or renew the look of buildings.
    • Usage example: “The house painter repaints the exterior of buildings to make them look fresh and updated.”
  6. Electrician

    • Explanation: An electrician is a profession related to installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems and equipment. They work with wires, appliances, and other components to ensure the safety and effective operation of an electrical system.
    • Usage example: “The electrician came to fix an issue with the electricity in my house to ensure everything works properly.”
  7. Pianist

    • Explanation: A pianist is someone who plays the piano or other keyboard instruments.
    • Usage example: “My sister is studying to become a famous pianist.”
  8. Baker

    • Explanation: A baker is someone who produces breads, pies, and other baked goods.
    • Usage example: “There’s a very tasty bakery in this town where an experienced baker works.”
  9. Butcher

    • Explanation: A butcher is someone who sells and processes meat.
    • Usage example: “My uncle works as a butcher at the local supermarket.”
  10. Barber

    • Explanation: A barber is someone who cuts hair, usually men’s.
    • Usage example: “I always go to the same barber – he can make great hairstyles.”
  11. Dentist

    • Explanation: A dentist is a doctor who treats teeth and the oral cavity.
    • Usage example: “My sister dreams of becoming a dentist and helping people keep their teeth healthy.”
  12. Doctor

    • Explanation: A doctor is a professional who diagnoses and treats various illnesses and health conditions.
    • Usage example: “When I grow up, I want to become a doctor and help people recover.”
  13. Fireman

    • Explanation: A fireman is someone who fights fires and rescues people during emergencies.
    • Usage example: “My father is a fireman and is always proud of his work.”
  14. Mailman

    • Explanation: A mailman is someone who delivers letters and packages to people’s doors.
    • Usage example: “The mailman always comes at 10 in the morning with my mail.”
  15. Repairman

    • Explanation: A repairman is someone who fixes breakages and faults in various appliances or buildings.
    • Usage example: “We called the repairman to fix our washing machine.”
  16. Pharmacist

    • Explanation: A pharmacist is someone who prepares and sells medicines and medical preparations.
    • Usage example: “I always advise trusting the pharmacist when choosing medications.”
  17. Teacher

    • Explanation: A teacher is someone who instructs and educates students at a school or university.
    • Usage example: “My uncle works as a history teacher at the high school.”
  18. Grocer

    • Explanation: A grocer is someone who sells food products and other goods in a small store.
    • Usage example: “My grandmother always goes to the local grocery store to the grocer.”
  19. Scientist

    • Explanation: A scientist is someone who conducts research and experiments to solve scientific problems.
    • Usage example: “Scientists from all over the world are working on developing a vaccine against the new virus.”
  20. Software Developer

    • Explanation: This is a specialist who creates software for computers and other devices.
    • Usage example: “My brother works as a software developer and develops new mobile applications.”
  21. Data Scientist

    • Explanation: This is a specialist who analyzes large volumes of data to draw useful insights and make strategic decisions.
    • Usage example: “The company hired a data scientist to analyze the purchasing habits of its customers.”
  22. Digital Marketer

    • Explanation: This is a professional who develops and implements marketing strategies online with the goal of promoting goods or services.
    • Usage example: “The digital marketer uses social media and email to attract new customers.”
  23. UX/UI Designer

    • Explanation: This is a specialist responsible for creating user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for software and websites.
    • Usage example: “The UX/UI designer works on improving user interaction with the mobile application.”
  24. Content Creator

    • Explanation: This is someone who creates various digital content such as text, video, audio, with the goal of entertaining, educating or influencing an audience.
    • Usage example: “As a content creator, he produces engaging videos and posts for his blog.”
  25. Cybersecurity Analyst

    • Explanation: This is an expert who studies and analyzes potential threats and vulnerabilities in information systems and networks, and also develops protection strategies.
    • Usage example: “The company hired a cybersecurity analyst to protect its network from potential cyber attacks.”
  26. Environmental Scientist

    • Explanation: This is a scientist who studies the impact of human activities on the environment and develops strategies for its protection and restoration.
    • Usage example: “The environmental scientist studies the impact of pollution on aquatic ecosystems and proposes ways to restore them.”

Exercise – What’s your job?

For this exercise, you will read 15 sentences describing different situations. For each sentence, choose the profession from the options below that best fits the context. This will test your knowledge of the various professions and help reinforce the vocabulary.

“What do you do?” or “What is your job?”

Practice. JOBS

Someone who sells food, cleaning products in a small shop is a/an ______.

Someone whose job is to deliver letters and packages to people’s houses is a/an______.

Someone whose job is to stop fires is a/an ______.

Someone who plays piano is a/an ______.

Math ______ gave us a lot of homework

Someone whose job is to treat people who are ill is a/an ______.

Someone whose job is to treat people’s teeth is a/an ______.

Historical paintings of famous ______ will be sold for million dollars.

The______ painted the house into blue color.

Someone who works in a shop that sell meat is a/an ______.

Someone whose job is to make bread, cakes is a/an ______.

Someone whose job is to cut men’s hair is a/an ______.

Someone whose job is to prepare drugs and medicines is a/an______.

Someone whose job is to design buildings is ______.

Someone whose job is to fix things is a/an______.

Your score is


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