How To Use Need In English

The verb need may be either a modal or a regular verb

You needed to workYou needn’t workYou will need to work
  • Need as a regular verb has tense forms, it is followed by the to-infinitive. It forms its negative and interrogative forms with the auxiliary verb to do.
    • Do I need to show my pass every time?
    • You don’t need to say it every time you see me
    • You didn’t need to tell me about it
  • Need is close to to have
    • Did you need to read all these books? = Did you have to read all these books?
  • Need as a modal verb is used in negative and interroga­tive sentences only. It expresses necessity. As a modal verb it has no past tense form; it is used without -s in the third person singular
    • You needn’t do it now
    • Need she come tomorrow?
  • In negative sentences need followed by the Perfect Infini­tive shows that the unnecessary action was performed
    • You needn’t have spent all the money. Now we’ve got nothing left.
  • Need not can be contracted to needn’t. We don’t use don’t/doesn’t/didn’t with the semi-modal verb need
    • She needn’t apologize
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