Mastering ‘Going to’ and Prepositions: A Comprehensive English Test

Enhancing Your English Skills: A Comprehensive Test on ‘Going to’ and Prepositions Mastery

The test consists of several questions that will help you test and deepen your knowledge of these topics. It is designed to increase your confidence in using the expression “Going to” to express future plans and actions, and to increase your understanding and use of different prepositions in sentences.

Usage examples (Going to and Prepositions)

  1. Going to:
    • I am going to visit my grandparents this weekend
    • They are going to have a party next month
    • She is going to study abroad next year
  2. Prepositions:
    • The book is on the table
    • He walked through the park
    • The cat jumped over the fence


Practice. Going to. Prepositions

Maria is _____ her sister in many ways. They’re both beautiful and intelligent.

Nicola’s _____ to Liverpool _____ his grandparents

She _____ going to the post office _____ some stamps

_____ are you going to eat?  Pizza. _____ ’re you going to eat? In the cafeteria

_____ Saturday night we went to a party

What _____ we _____ ? _____ go swimming

_____ is Pittsburg _____ Ohio? About 500 kilometers

_____ is Jim going to get married? Next month.

_____ is he going to marry? His colleague.

_____ are you going to the chemist’s?

I’m going to the chemist’s _____ some medicine

I’m _____ home early next week

_____ is the weather like _____ ?

_____ is sunny & warm. But yesterday _____ cold

What did you do _____ the weekend?

I _____ going out, because it _____ going to rain.

What is the weather _____ like tomorrow? Sunny. _____ we go on picnic?

I’m looking _____ Jane. Do you know where she is?

German is _____ English in some ways, but it is more difficult _____ English

_____ you going _____ wash your car this afternoon?

Can you buy me a bottle _____ lemonade _____ the shop?

What _____ the weather _____ in Las Vegas the day before yesterday

Your score is


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