How I spent my winter holidays

winter holidays

How to talk about the winter holidays in English?

The story about the winter holidays should be exciting and interesting, take into account the key events, your impressions, emotions, interesting events. To talk about how you spent your vacation in English, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the following words:

  1. Temperature:
    • Explanation: The degree or intensity of heat present in the environment.
  2. Dress warmly:
    • Explanation: Wearing layers of clothing to stay protected from the cold.
  3. Mittens:
    • Explanation: Hand-covering garments that are warmer than gloves.
  4. Fresh air:
    • Explanation: Air that is clean and not polluted.
  5. Christmas lights:
    • Explanation: Decorative lights used during the Christmas season.
  6. Vacation/holiday:
    • Explanation: A period of time devoted to leisure or recreation; in this context, referring to the winter break from regular activities.
  7. Fireplace:
    • Explanation: A structure where a fire can be kindled for heating or decorative purposes.
  8. Skating:
    • Explanation: The activity of moving on ice using skates.
  9. Weather:
    • Explanation: The atmospheric conditions, including temperature and precipitation.
  10. Turkey:
    • Explanation: A large bird often cooked as the main dish for festive occasions like Christmas.
  11. New Year:
    • Explanation: The first day or days of the year, celebrated globally.
  12. Snow:
    • Explanation: Frozen water vapor falling in white flakes during winter.
  13. Homeland:
    • Explanation: One’s native country or place of origin.
  14. Skiing:
    • Explanation: The sport of gliding on skis over snow.
  15. Cold:
    • Explanation: Having a low temperature; not warm.

Exercise – How I spent my winter holidays

Read the text and fill in the missing words using the list: temperature, skiing, New Year, fresh air, holidays, dress warmly, cold, turkey, homeland, weather, mittens, snow, fireplace, skating, Christmas lights.

How I spent my winter holidays

I had a wonderful winter 1 . The 2 was great, although it was very 3 , the 4 was below zero and there was also a lot of 5 . Therefore, I had to 6 . I wore a warm coat, scarf, hat, sweater and 7 to keep from freezing. You could always warm yourself by our 8 .
I spent many hours outside in the 9 . My family and friends and I went 10 , I'm bad at skating, but my friends helped me, and this year I already skate much better. We also made a snowman. We had a tree near the house with lots of  11 . There were many gifts near the Christmas tree. This year we prepared a very tasty baked 12 for Christmas. We celebrated the 13 with several friends and family. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to spend the winter holidays with my 14 and friends. I can't wait to have another winter break next year.
Another exciting event was skiing. I decided to try this sport for the first time and it was amazing! I felt free while 15 and enjoyed the beauty of the winter forest around me. Winter vacation turned out to be full of adventures and unforgettable moments. I can't wait to have this wonderful opportunity to enjoy winter break again next year.

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