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All vocabulary about the hotel in English

In this article, we will look at the necessary vocabulary in English for successfully booking a hotel room, check-in and check-out. Make the most of English expressions to make your travels memorable and comfortable.

Vocabulary about the hotel in English

1.Reservation and Check-in:

  • I’d like to make a reservation for a single/double room, please.
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
  • I have a reservation under the name [Your Name].

2. Check-in in the Room:

  • Could you please provide me with a key to room [Room Number]?
  • Is breakfast included in my stay?
  • Are there any additional charges for room service?

3.Amenities and Services in the Room:

  • I need an extra pillow/towel, please.
  • The air conditioning in my room doesn’t seem to be working.
  • How do I connect to the Wi-Fi in my room?

4. Food and Restaurants:

  • I’d like to reserve a table for two at [restaurant name] tonight.
  • Can I order room service? What are the available options?
  • What time is breakfast served?

5. Service and Questions:

  • Is there a concierge available to help with local recommendations?
  • I’ve lost my room key. Can you issue me a new one?
  • Could you arrange a taxi for me to the airport tomorrow morning?

6. To check out of a room:

  • What time is check-out?
  • I’d like to settle my bill, please.
  • Can I leave my luggage with the concierge after check-out?

Practice of basic hotel terms in English

List of words about hotel in English

  • hotel – a building where you pay to have a room to sleep in, and where you can sometimes eat meals
  • reservation – an arrangement in which something such as a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant is kept for you
  • room types – hotel rooms of different types
  • room categories – hotel rooms of different categories
  • single room – a room in a hotel for one person
  • twin room – hotel room for two people
  • double room – a room in a hotel for two people
  • standard room – an ordinary room typical for this hotel
  • Towel – a piece of cloth or paper used for drying someone or something that is wet
  • pillow – a rectangular cloth bag filled with soft material, such as feathers
  • suite – a set of connected rooms, especially in a hotel
  • key card – a small, plastic electronic card that is used instead of a key to open a door
  • breakfast buffet – is a self-serve breakfast with various food options
  • luggage trolley – is a wheeled cart used for transporting luggage or bags
  • luggage – the bags, suitcases, etc.
  • AC (Air conditioning) – the system used for keeping the air in a building or vehicle cool
  • vending machine – a machine from which you can buy things such as drinks and sweets by putting coins or tokens
  • valet – someone in a hotel who cleans clothes
  • housekeeping – the management of a home and the work that needs to be done in it, such as cleaning
  • receptionist / front desk staff – a person who works in a place such as a hotel, office, or hospital, who welcomes and helps visitors and answers the phone
  • Linen – strong cloth made from the fibres of the flax plant
  • kitchenette – a small room or area used as a kitchen
  • Vacancy – a space or place that is available to be used
  • floor – the flat surface of a room on which you walk
  • pull-out couch – is a sofa or couch that can be converted into a bed by unfolding or pulling out a hidden mattress
  • Hot tub – a large, usually wooden, container full of hot water in which more than one person can sit
  • peak season – the time of year when a lot of people travel and prices are usually at their highest
  • cots – a small bed for a baby or young child with high bars around the sides so that the child cannot fall out
  • indoor pool – is a swimming pool located inside a building or enclosed structure
  • outdoor pool – is a swimming pool located outside
  • lobby – is the entrance area or a common space in a building
  • lift / elevator – to move something from a lower to a higher position
  • room service – in a hotel, the serving of food and drink to customers in their rooms, or the people who do this work
  • mini-bar – is a small refrigerator in a hotel room or similar setting stocked with beverages and snacks for the convenience of guests
  • toiletries – objects and substances that you use in washing yourself and preventing the body from smelling unpleasant
  • bellboy / porter – a person employed to carry bags, open doors, etc. for guests in a hotel
  • to check in – refers to the process of registering at a hotel, airport
  • to check out – refers to the process of completing one’s stay at a hotel or leaving a place of accommodation
  • wake up call – If something that happens is a wake-up call, it should make you realize that you need to take action to change a situation
  • bill – a request for payment of money owed, or the piece of paper on which it is written
  • superior room – is a category of hotel accommodation that generally offers more space, amenities
  • Junior suite room – is a type of hotel accommodation that typically consists of a more spacious room with a separate seating area
  • Suite room – is a luxurious and spacious hotel accommodation that typically includes separate living and sleeping areas
  • B&B (bed and breakfast) – a type of accommodation that provides overnight stay and morning meal as part of the lodging package
  • HB — half board – refers to a hotel accommodation package that includes lodging, breakfast, and one other meal, usually dinner
  • FB — full board – refers to a hotel or travel package that includes lodging and all three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • All Inclusive – refers to a comprehensive hotel or resort package where the price covers not only lodging but also all meals, drinks, and often various recreational activities
  • reception desk – is the area in a hotel or similar establishment where guests check in, check out, and interact with the front desk staff
  • ground floor – is the level of a building at or near street level
  • first floor – is the level above the ground floor in a building, typically accessed by a staircase or elevator
  • laundry – the dirty clothes and sheets that need to be, are being, or have been washed
  • swimming pool – an artificial area of water for swimming, or a building containing this
  • weight room/gym – a place or club where you can go to exercise using machines, weights, and other equipment
  • sauna – a room or small building, often with wood attached to the walls, that is heated to a high temperature
  • fridge – a piece of kitchen equipment that uses electricity to preserve food at a cold temperature
  • bedspread – a decorative cover put on a bed, on top of sheets and other covers
  • balcony – an area with a wall or bars around it that is joined to the outside wall of a building on an upper level
  • mirror – a piece of glass with a shiny, metal-covered back that reflects light, producing an image of whatever is in front of it
  • shower – a device that releases drops of water through a lot of very small holes and that you stand under to wash your whole body
  • soap – a substance used for washing the body or other things
  • to book a hotel room/table/tickets – reserving a room for a specific period of time at a hotel
  • to pay with a card/in cash – to use a credit or debit card for a financial transaction, while “to pay in cash” means to settle a payment using physical currency, such as banknotes or coins

We hope that this article will help you familiarize yourself with the basic vocabulary related to hotels and make your English learning even more interesting. Feel free to use these expressions and words during your stay in hotels or when communicating with English-speaking friends.

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