A Visit to the Cinema – Exercises and Vocabulary


Going to the cinema – Exercises and Vocabulary

Learning should be enjoyable. For instance, imagine you’ve decided to go to the cinema with friends. Try engaging in English conversation, but to do that, you need to have a certain vocabulary. Let’s explore common words that might come in handy. For basic tips on learning English through movies and series, see the article “Boost Your English Understanding with Movies and TV Series: Tips and Examples.”

Cinema Visit – Exercises and Vocabulary

List of words to study:

  1. cinema [ˈsɪn.ɪ.mə] – A place for film screenings; a movie theater.

    • We went to the cinema to watch the new Marvel movie last night.
  2. pub [pʌb] – A venue for purchasing and consuming drinks, often with a social atmosphere.

    • My friends and I met at the pub after work for a few drinks.
  3. picnic [ˈpɪk.nɪk] – An outdoor meal, typically with food brought by participants.

    • If the weather is nice this weekend, we should have a picnic in the park.
  4. theater [ˈθɪə.t̬ɚ] – A venue for live performances, plays, or film screenings.

    • The theater was sold out for the opening night of the highly anticipated play.
  5. foyer [ˈfwɑɪ.eɪ] – A space near an entrance, especially in a building, preceding the main room.

    • There were beautiful paintings hanging in the foyer of the concert hall.
  6. show [ʃoʊ] – A public presentation or performance, such as a play, concert, or exhibition.

    • I have two extra tickets to tonight’s comedy show if anyone wants to join me.
  7. repetition [ˌrep.əˈtɪʃ.ən] – The act of doing or saying something again; a repeated occurrence.

    • Constant repetition of simple tasks can lead to boredom for many workers.
  8. review [rɪˈvjuː] – A critical evaluation or examination of something, such as a movie or book.

    • The critic wrote a glowing review of the actress’s powerful performance.
  9. yard [jɑːrd] – An outdoor area adjacent to a building, often used for various purposes.

    • The kids were playing tag in the backyard while the adults relaxed on the patio.
  10. trailer [ˈtreɪ.lɚ] – A short promotional video or film previewing a longer work, such as a movie.

    • After seeing the exciting trailer, I couldn’t wait for the movie’s release.
  11. critic [ˈkrɪt.ɪk] – A person who evaluates and provides opinions on works of art, literature, or entertainment.

    • The film critic wrote a scathing review of the movie, calling it pretentious and dull.
  12. performance [pərˈfɔːrməns] – The act of carrying out a task, play, or presentation for an audience.

    • The actor gave a mesmerizing performance in the lead role of the play.
  13. film [fɪlm] – A motion picture; a series of moving images displayed on a screen.

    • We watched an old French film in my foreign cinema class.
  14. action [ˈæk.ʃən] – Something done or performed; activity, often with a specific purpose or result.

    • The second half of the movie had intense action scenes with car chases and explosions.
  15. living room [ˈlɪvɪŋ ruːm] – A comfortable and informal room in a house for relaxation and socializing.

    • We spent most evenings relaxing in the living room, watching TV or reading.
  16. aisle [aɪl] – A passage between rows of seats in a building such as a theater or church.

    • We had seats near the center aisle, close to the stage.
  17. office [ˈɒfɪs] – A room or space used for professional or administrative activities.

    • I stopped by my advisor’s office to ask a question about my research paper.
  18. picture [ˈpɪk.tʃər] – A visual representation or image.

    • We took pictures throughout our vacation to remember all the sights we saw.
  19. poster [ˈpoʊ.stɚ] – A large printed advertisement or picture displayed for public view.

    • Brightly colored posters lined the walls, advertising various events happening around campus.
  20. screen [skriːn] – A flat surface used to display images, especially in the context of television or cinema.

    • The movie theater had a huge screen that made you feel immersed in the film.
  21. mirror [ˈmɪr.ər] – A reflective surface that produces an image of whatever is in front of it.

    • I checked my appearance in the mirror before leaving for the party.
  22. home [hoʊm] – A place where one lives, a residence.

    • After being away for months, it felt great to finally be back home.
  23. auditorium [ˌɔː.dɪˈtɔː.ri.əm] – A large room for public gatherings, presentations, or performances.

    • The school auditorium was filled to capacity for the student musical performance.
  24. saloon [səˈluːn] – A public establishment, often a bar or tavern, where alcoholic beverages are served.

    • In many Westerns, the cowboys would get into brawls at the local saloon.
  25. row [roʊ] – A series of objects arranged in a line; a linear arrangement of things or people.

    • Our seats were three rows behind the stage, but we still had a great view.
  26. sit [sɪt] – To be in a seated position; to take a seat.

    • I arrived early so I could grab a snack and sit down before the movie started.
  27. cartoon [kɑːrˈtuːn] – A humorous or satirical illustration, often found in newspapers or animated form.

    • As a kid, I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons while eating cereal.
  28. artist [ˈɑːr.tɪst] – A person who creates art, often visual or performing arts.

    • The artist was taking a bow at the end of a stunning performance.
  29. comedy [ˈkɒm.ə.di] – A genre of entertainment characterized by humor and a lighthearted tone.

    • We were in stitches laughing at the hilarious new comedy movie.
  30. thriller [ˈθrɪl.ər] – A genre of fiction or film designed to provoke excitement and suspense.

    • I stayed up all night reading the thriller novel because it kept me on the edge of my seat.
  31. horror [ˈhɒr.ər] – A genre of fiction or film intended to evoke fear, dread, or shock in the audience.

    • I don’t usually like horror movies because I get scared too easily.

Exercise 1.

Read the text and think about which words should be inserted in the missing places and why. Choosing one of the four words from the list.

The words that must be used for the text below:

  1. cinema / yard / poster / auditorium
  2. foyer / row / saloon / living room
  3. rows / thriller / screens / action
  4. walls / artist / horror / aisles
  5. cartoon / performance / row / comedy
  6. repetition / trailer / multi-screen / review
  7. screen / picture / mirror / show
  8. preview / film / show / trailer
  9. critics / genres / pubs / trailers
  10. screen / picture / mirror / poster

A Visit to the Cinema 1

As I entered the 1. ___________, I collected the tickets I had booked online and made my way towards the 2. ___________ to buy some popcorn and a drink. The 3. ___________ were rapidly filling with people eager for the movie to start. There were posters lining the 4. ___________, advertising for upcoming blockbusters. After a short while, my friend arrived, and we headed to 5. ___________ to take our seats before the show started. The 6. ___________ cinema had a huge 7. ___________, nearly two stories high! Before the 8. ___________ began, we enjoyed chatting about which films and 9. ___________ we liked the most. Finally, the lights dimmed, and we focused our attention on the 10. ___________ as the movie came to life!

Possible correct answers are highlighted in bold in the list.

Exercise 2.

Read the text and write the missing words. Choosing from the lists one of the four words according to the number. After filling in the blanks, click the “Submit Answers” button to check.

1. cinema; pub; picnic; theater
2. foyer; show; repetition; review
3. yard; trailer; critic; performance
4. film; action; critic; performance
5. foyer; living room; aisle; office
6. picture; poster; screen; mirror
7. office; home; auditorium; saloon
8. foyer; screen; mirror; review
9. row; sit; auditorium; yard
10. foyer; screen; aisle; review
11. cinema; cartoon; critic; film
12. trailer; repetition; show; artist
13. trailer; comedy; thriller; horror

A Visit to the Cinema 2

A visit to the cinema

Fiona and I went to the 1) the other day to see ‘Devil’ at the Odeon. The 2) by the Daily Express 3) was good, and we decided to go to the 8 o’clock 4) When I arrived, Fiona was waiting for me in the 5) , looking at a 6) for ‘Devil’ on the wall. We went into the 7) and sat down. I don’t like to be too close to the 8) and I usually sit in the back 9) if possible, and I prefer a seat on the 10) so I can stretch my legs. Before the main film there was a Mickey Mouse 11) then a 12) for the following week’s film. ‘Devil’ was a 13) film and I was quite terrified, but Fiona thought it was funny.

Video – How to Talk About Movies and Films in English – Spoken English Lesson

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