How I Spent My Spring Holidays

How I spent my spring break in English

How to Talk About Spring Holidays

Spring is a season when nature comes back to life. Everything turns green again and blooms with beautiful flowers as the weather becomes warm and pleasant. For many, it’s also a time to take a break from their daily routines and go on a spring vacation filled with adventure, relaxation, and new experiences. Walking through picturesque parks with blooming cherry blossoms, reconnecting with friends and family after the long winter months – spring holidays offer endless chances for making unforgettable memories. In this article, we’ll explore how to describe spring vacations in English, from the vibrant colors of nature to the fun activities people enjoy during this lively time of year. To share how you spent your spring holiday in English, familiarize yourself with the following vocabulary:

  1. nature – [ˈneɪtʃər] – the naturally occurring world, including plants, animals, landscapes, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.
    • Example: “We enjoy spending time in nature, hiking and exploring the forests.”
  2. flowers – [ˈflaʊərz] – the seed-bearing part of a plant, typically consisting of brightly colored petals surrounding the reproductive parts.

    • Example: “She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her birthday.”
  3. springtime – [sprɪŋtaɪm] – the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear and flowers bloom.

    • Example: “Springtime is my favorite season because of the blooming flowers and warm weather.”
  4. spring – [sprɪŋ] – the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear and flowers bloom.

    • Example: “The arrival of spring brings warmer weather and blooming flowers.”
  5. rain – [reɪn] – water that condenses from the atmosphere and falls to the ground.

    • Example: “We canceled our picnic because of the heavy rain.”
  6. bloom – [bluːm] – produce flowers; develop fully.

    • Example: “The garden is in full bloom with colorful flowers everywhere.”
  7. plant – [plænt] – a living organism that typically produces its own food from sunlight and grows on land or in water.

    • Example: “She carefully planted flowers in her garden.”
  8. slumber – [ˈslʌmbər] – a condition of sleep.

    • Example: “The bear went into hibernation, entering a deep slumber for the winter.”
  9. unforgettable – [ˌʌnfəˈɡɛtəbl] – too remarkable to be forgotten.

    • Example: “The trip to Paris was an unforgettable experience.”
  10. colorful – [ˈkʌlərfʊl] – having much or varied color.

    • Example: “The painting was filled with vibrant, colorful hues.”
  11. exciting – [ɪkˈsaɪtɪŋ] – causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.

    • Example: “Going on a safari was an exciting adventure.”
  12. botanical – [bəˈtænɪkəl] – relating to the scientific study of plants.

    • Example: “She studies rare plants at the botanical garden.”
  13. alley – [ˈæli] – a narrow passageway between or behind buildings.

    • Example: “We walked down the tree-lined alley, enjoying the shade.”
  14. sakura – [ˈsækjʊrə] – cherry blossom, an important symbol in Japanese culture.

    • Example: “People gather in the park to admire the sakura blossoms during springtime.”
  15. eagerly – [ˈiːɡərli] – with great enthusiasm or impatience.

    • Example: “He eagerly awaited the arrival of his friends.”

Exercise – How I Spent My Spring Holidays

Read the text and fill in the missing words using this list: nature, flowers, springtime, spring, rain, bloom, plant, slumber, unforgettable, colorful, exciting, botanical, alley, sakura, eagerly.

Fill in the missing words

My 1 holidays were simply wonderful! Despite the somewhat unpredictable weather and occasional 2 , I still enjoyed every moment. With the first rays of spring sun, I felt the 3 coming alive around me.
One of my favorite activities was strolling in the park. I love observing how nature awakens from its winter . Flowers began to , trees took on their green hue, and birds sang their spring songs. It was marvelous, soulful, and inspiring.
Additionally, I decided to use my spring holidays to visit my old friends whom I hadn't seen for quite some time. We spent time together, sharing memories and plans for the future. It was wonderful to see my friends again after a long separation.
Also, I visited the local 6 garden, where I could admire the variety of spring flowers and plants. It was a true embodiment of the beauty and harmony of nature. It was here that I found a real fairy tale - the blooming of 7 . Sakura blooming is one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena. I came to the botanical garden at the peak of their bloom, when every sakura branch was covered with delicate pink or white 8 . The impression from this spectacle was unparalleled: the entire 9 of sakura trees created an atmosphere of dreams and fairy tales. Every corner of the garden was teeming with life: from 10  tulips to fragrant magnolias, from amazing orchids to giant lilies. I simply couldn't get enough of this variety and beauty surrounding me. I had the opportunity to study the variety of 11 species, visit greenhouses with exotic plants, and even participate in a flower growing workshop. It was an 12  and educational experience that left me with many positive impressions and unforgettable moments. Visiting the botanical garden became an unforgettable event in my spring holidays. I felt like a part of nature and enjoyed every moment of this magical experience. And I 13  await the opportunity to return here again.
Overall, my spring holidays were filled with 14  impressions and new discoveries. This time gave me the opportunity to relax, enjoy nature, and spend time with loved ones. I eagerly await the next spring holidays to immerse myself again in the world of beauty and unique 15  .

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