Present Simple Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

Present Simple Tense: Rules, Formation, Examples, and Tests

Present Simple (Present Simple Tense) is used to express regular, repeated, or well-known facts, events, or habits in the present tense. It is one of the main tenses in the English language and holds significant importance for any student.

Rules and Formation of the Present Simple

To form the Present Simple, use the base form of the verb without the ending “-s” or “-es” for the third person singular (he, she, it). No ending is added for other persons.

Positive Form: subject + verb (I go)

Negative Form: subject + do/does not + verb (I do not go / He does not go)

Question Form: do/does + subject + verb (Do you go?)

Examples of Sentences in the Present Simple Tense

  • I like chocolate
  • She does not speak Spanish
  • Do they play tennis on Sundays?

Features of the Present Simple

The Present Simple tense is also used to talk about everyday life, scientific facts,  schedules, well-known events and habits.

Knowledge test – Present Simple

Next, we suggest you take a quiz to test your understanding of the Present Simple tense. The test includes 20 questions with four answer options for each.


Practice. Present Simple Grammar Test: Check Your Knowledge!

She _____ to the park on Sundays.

My brother _____ football on weekends.

They _____ in London.

We _____ a lot of fruit and vegetables.

_____ they like ice cream?

We _____ our friends every month.

He _____ coffee in the evening.

We usually _____ lunch at noon.

I _____ tennis twice a week.

_____ you enjoy reading books?

_____ she speak English fluently?

They _____ early in the morning.

John and Mary _____ to the gym every day.

_____ your friends speak French?

She _____ to the movies every Friday.

The bus _____ at 8:30 AM.

_____ they live in the city center?

My parents _____ coffee in the morning.

_____ he play the guitar?

She _____ a car.

Your score is


This article will help you better understand and remember how the Present Simple is formed and used in English. Keep practicing and you’ll quickly make great progress in learning this tense!

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