Mastering the Present Continuous Tense: An Interactive Exercise for English Learners

Improve Your English Grammar Skills with This Engaging Present Continuous Tense Activity

Present Continuous is a verb tense used to describe actions that are happening at the moment, temporary situations, or actions that started in the past, continue in the present, and will end in the future. This tense is formed by using the verb “to be” in its present form and adding the verb’s -ing form.

  • For example:
    • I am working
    • You are studying
    • He is eating

In this exercise, you will practice using the Present Continuous tense by reading a text and filling in the missing words.

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

Read the text below and fill in the missing words using the Present Continuous tense

Kate works at the zoo and she (1) (to love) her job. She is (2) (to feed) the baby elephants, who are very noisy and playful. Kate forgets about her tight schedule because she (3)  (to enjoy) the time she spends with them.

At the same time, Jack, the birdkeeper, (4) (to clean) the bird cages. He (5)  (to whistle) to feel better, as working with birds brings him great pleasure.

In another enclosure, Sarah (6) (to prepare) a demonstration for the zoo visitors. The zookeepers (7)  (to educate) people about the habits and peculiarities of the various animals living in the zoo.

Around the corner, she sees colleague (8)  (to repair) the enclosure fences. Alex usually does an excellent job work.

In the distance, there are children (9) (to point) at the lions and (10) (to laugh). It's a normal and beautiful day at the zoo.

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