Phrasal Verbs with ‘Tear’ in English

Phrasal Verbs - Expressions with 'TEAR'

What are phrasal verbs with ‘Tear’?

Learning English can be a challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to understanding and using phrasal verbs. These combinations of verbs and particles often have meanings that are quite different from the individual words, making them a common stumbling block for English language learners. One group of phrasal verbs that can be particularly perplexing is those formed with the word ‘tear‘ [ter]. In this article, we will explore some of the most commonly used phrasal verbs with ‘tear‘, helping you tear down the barriers to your English language success.

TOP 15 phrasal verbs with “Tear”

Let’s take a look at the top 15 phrasal verbs with the word “tear” along with their meanings:

  1. Tear up: To rip something into smaller pieces, typically paper or documents.
    • Example: She tore up the old love letters and threw them away.
  2. Tear down: To demolish or destroy a building or structure.
    • Example: The old factory was torn down to make way for a new shopping center.
  3. Tear apart: To criticize or criticize severely, often in a harsh and hurtful manner.
    • Example: The film critics tore apart the actor’s performance in the movie.
  4. Tear into: To attack someone verbally or criticize them fiercely.
    • Example: During the debate, she tore into her opponent’s arguments with passion.
  5. Tear off: To remove something by ripping it from a larger object.
    • Example: He tore off a piece of the map to give to his friend.
  6. Tear out: To remove something, often by ripping it out from a larger whole.
    • Example: She decided to tear out the old carpet and replace it with hardwood floors.
  7. Tear through: To move or pass through something rapidly, often with great force or speed.
    • Example: The tornado tore through the small town, leaving a path of destruction.
  8. Tear up (informal): To drive a vehicle very fast and recklessly.
    • Example: He tore up the highway in his new sports car.
  9. Tear away: To forcefully remove or separate something from another object.
    • Example: The child tore away the wrapping paper to reveal the gift inside.
  10. Tear out of: To leave a place quickly, often in a hurry.
    • Example: He tore out of the meeting when he realized he was running late for another appointment.
  11. Tear through (informal): To eat or consume food rapidly and eagerly.
    • Example: After the hike, they tore through the sandwiches like they hadn’t eaten all day.
  12. Tear into pieces: To shred something into small, disconnected parts.
    • Example: The dog tore the toy into pieces in a matter of minutes.
  13. Tear at: To attempt to damage or destroy something by pulling or scratching at it.
    • Example: The cat tore at the curtains with its claws.
  14. Tear down (figurative): To criticize or dismantle an argument or idea.
    • Example: The expert tore down the flawed hypothesis with solid evidence.
  15. Tear around: To move quickly and energetically in a particular area or space.
    • Example: The children tore around the playground, full of excitement.

Phrasal verbs can be a tricky aspect of learning English, but they are an essential part of the language. Understanding phrasal verbs with ‘tear’ can be especially useful in both everyday conversations and more specialized contexts. So, tear into your English studies, tear apart the language barriers, and soon you’ll be able to tear up any English text with confidence!

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