Phrasal verbs with sell in English

Phrasal verbs with sell in English

The verb to sell [sɛl] in English is used to describe the process of transferring ownership of a good or service from a seller to a buyer. It can be a mutual agreement between a seller and a buyer, as a result of which the buyer receives a good or service for a certain price paid to the seller. The verb to sell is an irregular verb. Its main forms are presented in the table:

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to sellsoldsold

The verb “sell” can be used in the context of different types of commerce, such as retail, wholesale, electronic or online commerce. It can also be used to describe the process of selling goods or services on a market or exchange.

Basic phrasal verbs with sell

Consider common phrasal verbs with to sell in the English language

  • sell off – to sell all or part of something, usually quickly and at a reduced price
    • The shop is closing and selling everything off at half price
    • The Church sold off the land for housing
  • sell on – to sell a product from another company or on behalf of another company
    • She managed the business for a year and then sold it on
  • sell out – to sell all the stock or inventory of something, or to sell more than was expected
    • I’m sorry, but the tickets are all sold out
    • He’s a talented screenwriter who has sold out to TV soap operas
    • The store sold out of the new iPhone within hours of its release
  • sell up – to sell all of one’s assets or business, usually after retirement or when money is needed
    • Jim’s father was sold up because he owed so much money
    • The family had to sell up their vacation home to pay for their son’s college tuition.
  • sell through – to sell all the products that were purchased or produced, usually in a market or store
    • The company has sold through all their inventory and will need to restock soon
  • sell for – to sell a product for a certain price
    • The car sold for $12,000 at the auction
  • sell in – to sell a product with the intention of distributing it to the wholesale market or retail market
    • The company sells their products in bulk to retailers
  • sell on credit – to sell a product or service and allow the buyer to pay at a later date
    • Do you think we sell on credit?
  • sell short – in finance, to sell securities or commodities that one does not own, in the hope of buying them back at a lower price to make a profit 
    • Investors who sell short are betting that the stock price will go down

In general, phrasal verbs with “sell” are an important term in economics and business, as it reflects the process of exchanging goods and services between businesses and individual customers. It is also used to describe financial transactions, such as the sale of assets, including stocks, bonds, and other securities. Knowing these phrasal verbs can help you learn English and improve your communication skills.

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