Phrasal verbs with “mop” in English

mop up phrasal verb

The meaning of the word “mop” in English

The word “mop” [mɒp] in English has several meanings. As a noun, it refers to a tool with a long handle and an absorbent head, used for washing floors. As a verb, “to mop” means to wipe or clean with a mop. For example:

  • “He mopped the bathroom floor”
  • “Could you please get the mop and clean the kitchen floor?”
  • “She mopped her tears with her sleeve”

However, “mop” is most commonly used as part of a phrasal verb. Below, we will explore the most popular phrasal verbs with “mop”, their examples, and meanings.

TOP 10 phrasal verbs with “mop”

Mop up

  • Meaning: To complete the final stages of a task or to deal with the remaining part of something.
  • Meaning: Resolve a problem.
  • Example: After the party, we had to mop up the spilled drinks and clean the floors.
  • Example: He was left to mop up the mess after they resigned.

Mop out

  • Meaning: To clean the inside of something thoroughly, usually using a mop.
  • Example: Before moving into the new house, we mopped out all the cabinets and closets.

Mop down

  • Meaning: To clean or wipe a surface using a mop, especially when it’s dirty or dusty.
  • Example: After the renovation, we had to mop down the walls to remove the dust.

Mop away

  • Meaning: To clean or wipe something using a mop continuously.
  • Example: She diligently mopped away the spilled soup from the kitchen floor.

Mop off

  • Meaning: To remove something from a surface by wiping or cleaning it with a mop.
  • Example: He mopped off the spilled juice from the countertop.

Mop around

  • Meaning: To move slowly or aimlessly, often indicating a lack of energy or motivation.
  • Example: Instead of helping, he just mopped around the house all day.

Mop up after

  • Meaning: To clean up after someone or something, especially after a mess or spill.
  • Example: I had to mop up after the kids who spilled paint all over the floor.

Mop up

  • Meaning: To soak up or absorb a liquid or substance using a mop or cloth.
  • Example: He used a sponge to mop up the spilled coffee on the table.

Mop in

  • Meaning: To add or introduce something, especially in a gradual or unobtrusive manner.
  • Example: The chef decided to mop in some extra seasoning to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Mop around

  • Meaning: To waste time or move idly, often without purpose.
  • Example: Instead of working on the project, he just mopped around the office all day.

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