Phrasal verbs with “Hide” in English

hide behind phrasal verb. hide away

Phrasal Verbs with “Hide”: Definition and meaning

Let’s explore the phrasal verbs with the word “hide” [haɪd] in English. The word “hide” has several meanings and is used in different contexts. In general, and most commonly, it is used to mean concealing something from view or putting something in a secret place (hiding information, emotions, etc.). For example:

  • He hides his true intentions.
  • She hid the key in the drawer.
  • The spy was hiding in plain sight.
  • The cat hides behind the curtains.

Phrasal verbs with “hide” such as “hide away” or “hide out” are popular and frequently used. Let’s examine their usage and meaning in English in more detail.

Popular phrasal verbs with “Hide” in English

Hide away

  • Definition: To conceal oneself or something in a secret or secluded place.
  • Example: She hid away in her room all day to avoid the guests.

Hide out

  • Definition: To stay in a place where you cannot easily be found, especially when avoiding someone or something.
  • Example: The criminals hid out in an abandoned cabin in the woods.

Hide behind

  • Definition: To use someone or something as a shield or excuse, especially to avoid facing a difficult situation.
  • Example: He always hides behind his sense of humor when discussing serious topics.

Hide from

  • Definition: To try to avoid someone or something by concealing oneself.
  • Example: The cat hides from the dog whenever it comes near.

Hide in

  • Definition: To conceal oneself or something within a specific location.
  • Example: She hid the present in the closet so no one would find it.

Hide out

  • Definition: To remain in a safe place, often to escape danger or scrutiny.
  • Example: The celebrity hid out in a remote villa to avoid paparazzi.
  • Definition: Go or stay somewhere to avoid being caught or found.
  • Example: The police think he’s hiding out in the woods.

Hide up

  • Definition: To conceal something in a high or elevated location.
  • Example: He hid the spare key up on top of the door frame.

Hide something away

  • Definition: To put something in a secret or secure place.
  • Example: She hid her diary away under the mattress.

Hide something from

  • Definition: To keep something secret from someone.
  • Example: He hid his financial problems from his family for months.

Hide out (intransitive)

  • Definition: To stay somewhere secret or safe.
  • Example: They hid out in a cave until the storm passed.

Hide out in

  • Definition: To go to a place where you can be alone or protected from danger.
  • Example: They decided to hide out in the mountains until the danger passed.

Understanding the various uses of phrasal verbs with the word “hide” enriches our ability to express ourselves effectively in a variety of situations. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced English learner, learning how to use phrasal verbs with the word “hide” will definitely improve your English fluency.

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