Phrasal Verbs with “Fire” in English

fire-off phrasal verb - Definition. Phrasal Verb - to fire up

Learning phrasal verbs with “Fire” to improve your English

Phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language and mastering them is essential for achieving fluency. In this article, we will delve into the usage and meaning of phrasal verbs with the word ‘fire‘ [faɪr]. Understanding these phrasal verbs will not only enrich your vocabulary but also enhance your overall communication skills.

TOP 10 phrasal verbs with “Fire”

We offer the 10 most popular phrasal verbs that contain the word “fire“, as well as their meanings and examples:

  1. Fire away

    • Meaning: Begin to talk or ask questions
    • Example: “Don’t hesitate, just fire away if you have more questions about the project.”
  2. Fire up

    • Meaning: To inspire or excite someone for something
    • Example: “The coach’s speech really fired up the team for the match.”
  3. Fire off

    • Meaning: To send something rapidly and without much thought
    • Example: “She fired off an email to the manager expressing her concerns.”
  4. Fire out

    • Meaning: To forcefully expel something
    • Example: “The engine was firing out black smoke.”
  5. Fire back

    • Meaning: To respond to criticism or attack swiftly and decisively
    • Example: “He was quick to fire back at the negative comments about his performance.”
  6. Fire together

    • Meaning: When things occur or function simultaneously
    • Example: “The neurons in the brain tend to fire together when a person experiences a certain emotion.”
  7. Fire at

    • Meaning: To shoot at something or someone
    • Example: “The soldier fired at the enemy target.”
  8. Fire for

    • Meaning: To dismiss someone from a job
    • Example: “The company had to fire him for breaches of contract.”
  9. Fire on

    • Meaning: To attempt to attack or damage something, especially using firearms
    • Example: “The troops fired on the enemy position.”
  10. Fire into

    • Meaning: To propel something into a particular place or thing
    • Example: “She fired the arrow into the bullseye.”

It is important to pay attention to the context in which these phrasal verbs are used. Practicing these phrasal verbs in different contexts will further strengthen your understanding and use of them. In conclusion, learning phrasal verbs with “fire” is a significant step in advancing your English. By using these phrasal verbs in your daily conversations and written communication, you will undoubtedly improve your language skills and express yourself more effectively.

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