Phrasal verbs with “fink”

Phrasal Verbs With FINK

What does “fink” mean in English

One of the interesting words in English is “fink” [fɪŋk]. It has several meanings and can be used as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, “fink” means:

  • An unpleasant or objectionable person.
  • An informer who reveals secret information.

As a verb, “fink” can mean:

  • To inform authorities about others’ wrongdoings.
  • To fail to do what was promised or expected.

Examples of usage:

  • As a noun: “He was assumed by some to be the management’s fink.”
  • As a verb: “Your immune system begins finking out and you get sick.”

Let’s look at “fink” as a phrasal verb in more detail, its main meanings and examples.

Top 10 phrasal verbs with “fink”

Fink out

  • Meaning: To inform on someone; Fail to keep a promise, arrangement; to betray or reveal secrets.
  • Example: He said he’d come with us then finked out at the last minute.
  • Example: He finked out his accomplices to the police.

Fink on

  • Meaning: To inform on or betray someone. Give away secrets about someone.
  • Example: He finked on her to the authorities.
  • Example: She finked on her classmates to avoid trouble.

Fink around

  • Meaning: To waste time; to fool around instead of working.
  • Example: Stop finking around and start studying for the exam.

Fink out on

  • Meaning: To fail to support or help someone when expected.
  • Example: He finked out on his friends when they needed him the most.

Fink up

  • Meaning: To mess up or spoil something.
  • Example: They finked up the project with their careless mistakes.

Fink off

  • Meaning: To avoid responsibilities or commitments.
  • Example: He always finks off when there’s important work to be done.

Fink out of

  • Meaning: To avoid doing something one is expected to do.
  • Example: She finked out of attending the meeting by pretending to be sick.

Fink around with

  • Meaning: To experiment with or try something without serious intent.
  • Example: He’s always finking around with different hobbies but never sticks to any.

Fink away

  • Meaning: To quietly inform on someone over time.
  • Example: He finked away, providing information to the authorities over several months.

Fink about

  • Meaning: To secretly think or plan something.
  • Example: She was finking about how to approach the problem without causing conflict.

What you need to know about phrasal verbs with “fink”

The phrasal verb “fink” and its numerous variations are a vivid and expressive, though slang, element of the English language. Despite their informality, these phrasal verbs are widely used and have several key meanings:

  1. To inform on someone, betray someone’s trust, reveal secrets. For example, “to fink out”, “to fink on”.
  2. To avoid duties, promises, arrangements. For example, “to fink out of”, “to fink off”.
  3. To waste time, fool around instead of working. For example, “to fink around”.
  4. To mess up or spoil something through carelessness or negligence. For example, “to fink up”.

Despite the negative connotation, these expressions remain common, especially in conversational and informal contexts. However, it’s better to avoid them in business and official settings.

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